July photos purge before Colorado pics!

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Just a few pictures to update before I get to processing the whole load from the Rocky Mountains and all the family!  So here are a few Chuck sent me from the Father’s Day car show:

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And then some from the 4th of July and our annual parade and grilling date! (I know there are basically 2 setups here, but the expressions were so cute, I couldn’t pick!)

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And one last selfie, poolside:



June updates!

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Aka “Daddy Month” with Chuck’s birthday and Father’s day in short succession.  Also, a few quick catch up pictures I found from the end of school…

This was from the end of year NJHS (honor society) ceremony.  My cute brainiacs…

And a few of them hanging out with their friends this summer, with a ton of pool parties and sleepovers and hang outs (including a selfie Jacob took with the cat).

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My biking boys:


At the berry picking farm:

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And of course, Daddy!  Birthday was a Malibu day, that happened to be overcast but lovely, with a park visit, lagoon walk, and sushi.  Father’s Day was the car show, of course, a hike & BBQ.  I’m missing some pictures from the car show, which are on Chuck’s phone, and I’ll update those later!

jacob code

I should save this, for when I take a bunch of pictures of Molly on Friday to go with it – this is Jacob at camp.  He LOVES it.  He’s learning how to code video games.  It’s literally his idea of heaven.  They play games, code games, have snacks and go to the park to play dodgeball, kickball and mafia.  If he could design a camp, this would be it.

Meanwhile, Molly is at Shakespeare camp, in her idea of heaven.  She’s got a bunch of returning camp friends there, is wearing a different Shakespeare quote t-shirt each day (who knew she had amassed so many!) and is getting ready for the performance tomorrow.  She’s doing a bunch of short scenes, or a line in a group monologue, but her longest piece is as Rosalind, with her closest camp buddy playing Celia.  Perfect!

We had two weeks of friends, sleepovers and pool parties, this week of crazy camp schedules, and next week we have more friend plans before 4th of July and then getting up early Friday to head to Colorado for a family get together…

I would say “It’s May,” but it’s almost not

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This month flew by!  We’re getting ready for 6th grade to end, enjoying visits with the Ya-yas, marching to the sea, taking final tests, all while still practicing and fencing and doing everything else.  Like getting ready for Chuck’s birthday this weekend…

Anyway, here’s a quick photo catch up of May, and then we’re pretty much off to summer!


The month kicked off with Free Comic book day, which was really fun, despite the line!

The it was Cinco de Mayo, and Molly and I made mole and the kids spent the day trying to get pictures of the cats in sombreros.  So here are the obligatory cat pics from that, and the rest of the month, since they are in fact the newest family members…

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Chuck took Molly to meet the Queer Eye guys (and just last night he took Jacob to see Adam Sandler, but he didn’t do the photo op thing…)

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And then we got to spend loads of time with Grandma and Grandpa YaYa (and Matty and Lauren, too, which was an extra treat!) with hanging out, playing games, BBQing, Dodger watching and a magical trip to the Getty Villa.  I’m not the best about remembering to bring out the camera when people visit, because, you know, doing things, but this time I remembered to snap a few…

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Easter, Passover, Celeb Encounters & More

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Catch up time again!  I’ll go in chronological order, which means starting with some pictures from a hike we took in Malibu a few weeks ago during the superbloom.  We went up to Charmlee Park, which is actually closed due to the fires. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone – we hiked anyway.)  It was spectacular, which is why I actually included a few pictures that don’t have the kids in them!  The trees are burned and black, looking like an evil wizard just smote the whole area.  But the flowers were blooming, and the trees aren’t dead, because they were sprouting little green leaves, too.  (#nofilter!)

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It’s that time of year when the Emmys want all your consideration.  So Chuck took the kids to a few events that they REALLY wanted to go to: both kids to meet James Cordon, where he was incredibly nice, gave them super cool hats (the people who worked on his show said they can’t get hats that nice) and let Molly hug him.  Then Chuck took Molly to a Top Chef/Project Runway event, because Mol and I love to watch Project Runway together.  She’s a big fan of Christian Siriano, and Karlie Kloss was super sweet to her, talked fashion, loved her hat, and was very kind when Molly told her she is beautiful.

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Then it was time for Spring Break.  We did a quick jaunt down to La Jolla, stopping at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano on the way (again, a few non-kid shots, because SO PRETTY!), and spent our break just walking with sea lions and seals, playing in tide pools, eating, swimming, and eating again… Oh!  And the car show happened to be in town, and our balcony overlooked the show and the ocean, so we had the best seats in the house (which was even more amazing in retrospect than in was at 5 am when the loading in of cars woke us up – but we got so see all the cars arriving and being loaded off from the trucks and then we went back to bed, so pretty cool…).

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And finally, Passover and Easter, with all the traditions that come with those awesome family holidays!  (Including our first Easter with the cats, who got a chirping catnip bird, that’s a big hit!)

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Ooops – a few more quick catch up pics.  First, Molly outgrew her sneakers and we had to go shopping (and of course, discovered while there that Jacob also went up a size…).  We got great sneaks for everyone (their feet are now officially as big as mine), but Molly found her true love.  We didn’t get them.


And Molly and Chuck had a Daddy/Daughter outing to go see Fiddler on the Roof.


Fixing his shirt collar…


Science Fair, Marathon and Grandparents!

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That’s kind of burying the lead, as the highlight of the last week was Grandma and Grandpa’s visit this long weekend.  But it’s chronologically right: last Saturday was a science fair at the convention center, so we went to check it out (prompted by Jacob’s math teacher offering extra credit for kids that went – but we were so glad she did!).  It was pretty cool, and the kids got to build rockets, eat dragon’s breath popcorn, meet animal rescue people, bomb diffusers, cops, CSI scientists and drive drone simulators.

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Then Sunday was the LA Marathon, and the kids volunteered to get to the mile 10 marker by 5 am to set up and then hand out water to the runners.  It was a pretty amazing sight, to see Hollywood Blvd. closed down and empty and watch the sun rise over it.

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I also have a couple of older pics I need to show off: Molly at FIDM, trying on some crazy shoes…


And then a great picture from our balcony of the last day of the rain…


And finally – Grandma and Grandpa came!  I didn’t get nearly as many pictures as I meant to, of the kids playing games, swimming, going out to dinner and for walks, playing with the cats, cooking and eating (a ton!) and lots more.  But I did get a bunch of pics at opening weekend at the Dodgers… and even one of us at everyone’s favorite dessert place, Milk Bar.  Chuck has more pictures on his phone of everyone just hanging out and playing, and I will update with those as soon as I get them, but for now I wanted to get some catching up done!

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I’ll update with more of these soon!  Then we just have about 10 days until Spring Break, Easter and Passover, so I will really try and remember to take a ton of pictures then!


We totally didn’t pay to get the kids in…

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It’s funny to have downloaded these pics off my computer finally, today, when all the talk is about parents cheating to get their kids into universities.  Because it’s totally the kind of bragging pics those parents would post somewhere, but we for sure didn’t have to pretend the kids are this smart and good – they were so excited to be invited to join their school’s National Junior Honor Society.  We went to the induction ceremony, and it was a way bigger deal than I pictured – all the kids dressed up and carried candles and promised to not only study hard, but also serve the community and act as leaders.  It was really touching.

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Then, Cory and Tina came to visit!  Unfortunately, it rained, so we didn’t get outside a lot, or take a ton of pics, but we did make it to Milk Bar (everyone’ favorite new dessert place!).


And Molly yelled at Cory for being “one of those Instagram food people.”


THEN, we had another Uncle moment, when Molly & Jacob were extra’s in Matt’s short film:


They had a blast.


And that night, Chuck took Jacob to a Lemony Snicket event (Molly went last time…).


And finally, I have to add in these pictures that my boys took.  Chuck took this one of Chaplin:


And Jacob took this one:


And this one, which he left on my phone after sending to a friend…


And that pretty much is a quick catch up!  Otherwise, it’s all school, drums, clarinet, fencing, Girl Scouts and friends…

Happy Birthday, Baby (So not babies!)

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The birthday celebration started early this year, and we kicked it off with dinner and Wicked, for Molly’s birthday!

Then we had a party for Jacob’s birthday.  It happened to pour that day, so the pool part was off, but we did do breakfast then laser tag then pizza and video games then cake and a sleepover!

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After that, we went to the LEGO experience, in anticipation of the new LEGO movie…

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And on to BIRTHDAY!  Presents (including some very cool letters handmade by Aunt Debbie), a happy happenstance of a visit from Aunt Lisa, and then capping it of with a cap from Uncle Nathan that Molly couldn’t wait to wear to school the next morning.  And everyone fell into an exhausted sleep in their new birthday beds!

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