July!! Let’s Do This Update Before School…

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So… as one day blurred into another this summer, it’s now August, school starts next week (though at home, of course), and I finally got the few pictures I took this summer off my phone.  So here’s what the kids were up to this summer (or the few things I took pictures of… turns out the walks, cooking & eating, swimming and loads of movies, I never took pictures of…)

Let’s start at the beginning of the month, with the 4th of July.  We swam, grilled, played new outdoor games (cornhole and ring toss) and old ones (ping pong) and made a flag cake!

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The kids also did some learning (we have a reading bingo and got a bunch of experiments, did some research projects and online learning and loads of new cooking…like this pot pie Molly has been working on perfecting…) the ones I took pictures of were a drip irrigation kit and fire chemistry kit (and a new one we just started that I’ll have pictures of in August…)

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We also refinished the deck!  We cleaned it, prepped it, and painted… The kids learned a lot and helped a TON.

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And then the rest…  Part of this is some of Grandma and Grandpa’s box of sending Portland to us with new Legos and cinnamon buns and cherries and ice cream and Powell’s goodies (the ice cream we actually just ordered this morning, so ice cream pics coming!)… and some playing with the cats (which we’ve been doing so much this summer – I don’t know what we would have done without them!)…

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And this week we did NOTHING.  I let the kids just veg, which has meant a lot of TV and video games, some walks and loads of games and talking…  We picked up books for school starting Tuesday, and this weekend is supposed to be 100 degrees all weekend, so we are going to swim and grill and try and stay cool!!

June is still “Daddy Month”

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Even if we can’t do much, we can celebrate Chuck’s birthday and Father’s Day!  Which is very good, because it made me take some damn pictures.


Here’s my beautiful family!

And here’s some more of the portrait pics I took:

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and a combo of birthday/Father’s Day pics:

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And the requisite mask pictures from a park outing:

And lastly, grilling, which we’ve been doing a LOT.

IMG_1666 2_Fotor

And now I’m finally up to the month we are in!  But take a look at how crappy our deck looks in the picture here… because in the next set of pictures I have, you can see that we spent last weekend cleaning and repainting the whole deck.  It looks fantastic and the kids are awesome workers.

Quick May Slideshow…

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So… there are about 8 pictures I took in May apparently, but more coming for June, next, so here’s just a quick slideshow:

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Here we have a hug and a kid portrait from Mother’s Day, the first of the quarantine haircuts (NO pictures, mom!), a swim on the hottest weekend, and a few more of Jacob’s block builds: Chichen Itza, the Statue of Liberty and Queen Anne’s Revenge.

A Month in the House: April

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Let’s start with Passover!  That was the first holiday this month.  This long, long month at home…

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Grandma and Grandpa sent us a Passover care package with Matzoh Ball Soup, Matzoh, and all kinds of goodies…  then we had a lovely Seder.

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Then there was Easter, and pandemic or no, the bunny managed to get here and hide eggs and leave some virus specific treats like new puzzles, games and video games (and candy, which we didn’t need, but devoured!).  Bunny bread made it, too…

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Speaking of baking, Molly has been doing a ton of it!  I don’t have pictures of everything, but I did take pictures of things that she made for a Girl Scout badge: so Empanadas, Switchel, No Bake Cookies and Key Lime Pie!  I also have in here a picture of the 3 kinds of Kombucha she made.  Missing are yesterday’s delicious homemade tortillas, when we ran out of store bought ones!

Meanwhile… Jacob has been building up a storm.  I make them each do a project of some kind, in addition to their school work, each day.  And Jacob has been looking up, learning about and then recreating famous buildings.  You can see here Chichen Itza, the Coliseum, the Parthenon, Big Ben, the Empire States Building and the Taj Mahal.  Today he did my favorite (well, tied with the Coliseum) of the Sphinx.  But I haven’t taken those pictures yet, so I’ll upload those later.

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And finally, here’s some around the house and hanging out shots…


Game playing,


by the pool,


OF COURSE with the cats,


And finally, the lockdown haircuts!  The boys let me have a go, and we ordered clippers and transformed our bathroom into a barber shop.  Jacob went first and banned cameras.


And I wasn’t allowed to get it out again until they were done.  My handsome boys!


And with our girl, too… (who wouldn’t let me touch her bangs…)


And finally, living la vida pandemic…

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And here we are, at home.  We’re so lucky, to have each other and be stuck in our home that might be in the middle of the city, but is away from things, where we can hear the birds and go for walks every day, remaining 6 feet from our neighbors who are also out walking.  We’ve got a schedule down now, with the kids making a list of their schoolwork and all their chores (house chores, practicing, doing one activity they think of and reading a new book) and working through it every day.  We try and walk a couple of times a day, do a yoga video or something, and bake something every day.  The first week we did a movie and sweet treat pretty much every day because it all felt surreal.  But even just this week we are adjusting to the new temporary normal, and trying to make it fun (if a little less movie and cookie filled).


There’s been iPad homework


Classroom zooms


Some book and computer work (Mom!!!!!  Don’t take my picture when I’m still in PJs!!! – at noon…) There’s been science experiments:


And baking experiments (here, making naan to go with dinner):


(Which came out perfectly!)


And lots of kitty cuddles.


(Or kitty admiring, for the shy one.)


Pandemic (but we didn’t know it) Pics

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And then there was the weekend where we didn’t know we should be quarantining yet, so we had Molly’s recital and then worked at the LA marathon! And by that Friday, we were all home and shut down for the duration.  But first, we had Molly’s amazing clarinet recital.  Here are a few pictures:

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And her actually playing!

and next piece…

and finally:

(If any of those don’t work for you, email me and I’ll send links!)

The day after her recital, we got up at 4:15, which was really 3:15 because it was Daylight Savings day, and went to the marathon.  The kids worked for 6 hours, setting up and handing water and oranges to runners.  And we got to watch the sunrise over a deserted Hollywood Blvd.  Little did we know that the sight of deserted streets would soon become everyday reality!

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And finally, this is from a week earlier (but we already knew about Coronavirus, but thought it wasn’t in LA and the crowd would be fine…), we went to an Elizabeth Warren rally the night before Super Tuesday.  It was a special night and I’m glad we went, though in hindsight, we probably shouldn’t have!

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Pre-Pandemic Pics!

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I owe these pictures, and I wanted to get them up!  First, I did finally get all the pictures from Ailene, Bob & boys visit downloaded, so here’s a quick slideshow of all of them.  It seems so so so long ago that people could travel and hang out together!

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Then the weekend after they left, we finally got to have Jacob’s birthday party!  6 buddies, bowling, home for pizza, cupcakes, video games and then they surprised me by turning all the devices off and playing board games and hide and seek for a couple of hours!  (Molly may have influenced that…)

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Catch up with Grandparents and Teens

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We’ve had two family visits and one birthday that gave us two teenagers!  So I owe some pictures…


There were birthday presents.

IMG_1198 2

And cake (I made 75 cupcakes for Molly’s drama class, and we’ll be making cupcakes and more for Jacob’s birthday party next weekend, so we just went to Milkbar…


And then went for a hike for my birthday, where we ran into Mark Twain:


I love these pictures.


And one more…

IMG_1209 2

And before that, Grandma and Grandpa came!

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As you can see, we’ve been HORRID about taking pictures this year.  But then Bob and Ailene came with Roger and Charlie this weekend, and we got better.  But that’s an update for another day (hopefully tomorrow – I got all these pictures off my phone at the same time).

The End of the Decade!

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What a lot of celebrating!  Here come 4 dense slide shows.  First up is getting ready for holiday.  This includes baking up a storm for the cookie party, decorating the house (with 2 kitties who have never seen a Christmas tree (so we got a small one this year, and left all the breakables off it, which turned out to be a stellar idea, as they definitely loved batting at the ornaments they could reach until they fell off, and tilted the tree several times!), zoo lights, chocolate bun baking for Christmas morning, Christmas Eve dinner at Micelli’s, Christmas Eve jammie opening and a jaunt to Beverly Hills to see the carolers and decorations!

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Speaking of Beverly Hills, we had to pull these pictures out separately.  They have this new awesome thing every year, where you can get dressed up and take cool pictures with their backgrounds and props…


Like the upside down room here, and again:


And the motorcycle ride, complete with wind machine!


Then there was Christmas Day itself, with amazing gifts and loads of fun.

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And Hanukkah spanned both sides of Christmas this year, so we got to light candles, have gifts, eat waaaaaaay too much gelt and discover we had a Hanukkah kitty both before and after Christmas!

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And finally, to catch us up to the end of the year, we went up to see the amazingly deep snow in Wrightwood.  The kids have never played in snow that deep!  It was a blast and we too way too many pictures!

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Now, tomorrow morning, Grandma and Grandpa come visit!


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For Thanksgiving!  And how busy we’ve been since then, so I haven’t even had a chance to catch up!  So here are some pictures for the end of November, before we do a big holiday catch up, too!


The kids got to meet Leslie Odom Jr., from Hamilton.  Very exciting!  Aaron Burr, sir!

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This was the annual day before Thanksgiving Car Show.  Super fun – LEGO cars, fancy cars, enormous trucks, snow mobiles, motorcycles… also puppy adoptions and so much junk food!

And Thanksgiving!  With friends and family, making Turkey cupcakes, playing games and more.

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Ok!  Now I have to go through all the Hanukkah, Christmas and holiday preparation pics!!  Those will be up soon…