Cory & the Wolves

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Whew!  We needed the quiet weekend we ended up having this weekend; friends were sick, so today’s plans got cancelled and to the kids chagrin I turned it into a grocery shopping and cleaning kind of day.  But now they get to watch Star Wars Rebels while I catch up here, so they’re ok.  :)  And tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, so Molly & I are getting hair cuts while the boys go to a movie.  And like I said, we needed it- last weekend was amazing but super busy and next weekend starts a flurry of birthday cleepovers and fun.  So!  About last weekend:

We kicked off Saturday early with a 2 hour drive north to wolf country and the sanctuary to meet the wolves.  And I can’t do it justice, it was truly so amazing and almost life altering, just meeting those amazing creatures.


We went with three families we just love as much as the wolves and it was incredible.  We all really connected with the animals.  Molly & Jacob refused to feed them, but loved petting them.  So I took their turn.


There was a pup (he looked big to us! but he was too young to interact with people off leash yet) that entranced Molly.  She spent the whole time watching him.  So we got a couple of pictures with him in the background.


Here are the girls with the pup, and then the whole crew:


Molly wants to go back in 4 months as soon as he’s old enough to pet.  Meanwhile the boys got up close and personal.  One of Jacob’s friends even fed him from his lips!


So you can see how tame they are.  Here’s all the boys with them, getting nibbled on:


I love this picture, because it looks like the wolf is saying, “Enough of this.  I’m eating this sweet one.”


After that, the guys needed to hit the bar.


We drove straight from lunch to the airport to get Cory!  And the rest of the weekend was a blast of hanging out with him.  The kids were in heaven.  (Chuck and I had a great time too.)


That first night we went out for Mexican, and then everyone slept very well.  The next morning we hit Monterey Park for dim sum and a hike in the woods.  Where we got some spectacular pictures.


You can see how much the kids adore their uncle.


I love how they’re goofing, then settled:


And Cory sent me a couple of cute ones he took of kids.


We’ve had enough rain lately to get a waterfall.


And a lovey girl…


And an exploring boy, who delighted in being “taller” than Cory, whenever possible.


Cory took one of us (Molly was off climbing).


And on the way home, I got one last good one of the kids crashing on him.


Lastly, updates for the kids at school and activities…  Molly was in the school Spelling Bee.


I love the Peanuts in the background.  Here she is, spelling.


And Jacob has started up fencing again.  He loves it, still, and is really good.


This week the kids get out at noon every day for Parent Teacher conferences, so it will be another busy week!  And we’re one week away from having 9 year olds, so treasuring every moment of that…

Happy 2016!

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I’m going to go backwards here, with the pictures for a minute, because we just drove Grandma and Grandpa to the airport, and I want to start with the pictures of their wonderful visit.  It was coffee, wine, laughs and rain fueled.  Not to mention a few early birthday presents for the Aquarians in the house (that’s most of us!).  In other words, perfect.  Plus, we got a big enough dose of sunshine for a gorgeous beach outing for lunch on the pier and a walk in the water…

So, here is a slide show of that beautiful day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And I have to thank them so much for taking me shopping for my birthday present (some gorgeous clothes!), but I didn’t take pictures.  I did take a couple of the kids with their new gift: computers!  This is Jacob when her realized what it was:


He said, “This is the best day of my life!”  And this is the kids in the position they took the rest of the week (you’ll notice Molly still prefers to watch Jacob with a computer, but she’s learning to like email, and that you can look up books and cute pictures of baby animals).


I’ll also mention that Molly made us dinner from her new cookbooks, including pumpkin juice, stuffed mushrooms and rhubarb crumble.  They’re all tasty, but the rhubarb thing is actually to die for…  And she spent a bit of time painting with Grandma (needless to say, Jacob monopolized Grandpa and computers…) and sewing on her new kit from the YaYas…


And now I’m going to go back to the day after Christmas, and our waterfall hike.


Turns out LA is extra gorgeous when it’s wet…


Then for the new year, we went to La Jolla.  It was spectacular!  The cove was gorgeous, the food amazing, and we planned to take the kids to San Diego Zoo, but they wanted to visit the Hotel Del Coronado and walk on the beach instead.  We watched Some Like It Hot on Christmas, and they loved it and wanted to see where it was filmed.  Needless to say, we were thrilled to sleep in, save $200, and visit a hotel we love on an island we adore.  I’m going to put the whole shebang of pictures up in a slide show, so things of note are the Hotel Del, Molly about to jump in the pool because SHE LEARNED HOW TO SWIM!! (finally… though Jacob is still content to do cannonballs in the shallow end where he can always touch) the kids together on the balcony at our hotel (gorgeous views and we could hear the waves and the seals all night), and everyone relaxing on the gorgeous coast.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Merry and Bright

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These kids!  We can’t get enough of them.  The holidays have been quietly packed, if that makes any sense.  Until Christmas Day we just seemed to be on the go all the time, but not with anything huge.  Just stuff.  Then we were talking about it on Christmas Eve and realized it’s because of the traditions.  We all love them, but they’re super important to the kids.  So we seem to add new ones each year.  This year as we drove away from the Getty on Christmas Eve afternoon (on our way home to change for Miceli’s for dinner, then rush home for letters and cookies to Santa and to open the traditional Christmas Eve new PJ present… you’re getting the picture) Jacob asked if we could make a Getty visit on the 24th one of our traditions.  “I love our traditions,” he sighed.  So much of this will look familiar.  Which we all love.

But first, let me back it up to the week before Christmas.  A few days before school ended for the year, they had their Christmas concert at school.  This is them dressed and ready to go.


Molly is wearing her new heels.  Jacob hated that they made her taller.  Here’s their performance.

(Click here to see it on YouTube.)

Then we went to the Nutcracker.  Can you tell Jacob has been licking his lips in the cold and now has that kid rash around his lips?


And curtain call ready.


We also made a last minute bookstore visit.  I just love these pictures, not that the visit was that important…

IMG_3467and me and my girl:


We saw Star Wars.  Jacob thinks it’s the best of the 7, Molly cried through the last 1/4 and says it’s the worst and she will never watch it again.  We met Jacob’s friend at the theater, and they dueled as we waited, to the delight of pretty much everyone. Except Molly.


And waiting for the movie to start.


We went to the Annenberg photography exhibit the day before Christmas Eve, and they loved the exhibit so much they want to bring Grandma and Grandpa back next week.  The polar bear space was also “cool.”


Little posers…


And me with them, in the live polar bear cam hut…


Then I think we jump to Christmas Eve Day at the Getty.  I think I’d better put those in a slide show.  Right click on an image to see it full size.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then it was time for Miceli’s (it’s dark enough that pictures come out lousy there, but we got to be the “5 golden rings” table this year, which is my favorite!  And then new PJ opening.


And finally Christmas!  In the interest of getting these pictures up TODAY, I’m going to do them all in a slideshow.  It’s all opening gifts, happiness, chocolate bun breakfast (tradition!) and smiles.  You can see Molly thrilled to give her Daddy a Bob Dylan album collection, and Jacob grinning at the dogs that Dan sent that were my Grandmas.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What you don’t see is how we all spent the rest of the day: reading.  And eating.  Molly requested Duck A’Lorange, and we had lots of chocolates.  Some of which we brought to the Marx Brothers movie (Night at the Opera) that we walked over to see at the revival house (ok, that’s a New Years Day tradition, but we will be out of town, so it was lucky that it was also playing on Christmas!).  But mostly all of us read, listened to Bob Dylan, and Jacob built LEGOs and robots…

Merry Christmas!

Grinchmas and Hanukkah

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Sliding right into the holiday season… let’s catch up in order, shall we?

First holiday event is that I took the kids to Grinchmas at Universal Studios.  That was fun (though you can see that Jacob wasn’t sure what to make of the Whovillians, and Molly wouldn’t even let them near her), but the highlight was the Studio Backlot Tram tour and of course, the fact that we could see the new Harry Potter’s Wizarding World towering over us.  They can’t WAIT for that to open.  Luckily (surprise, surprise) they did have the store open, and we spent half the day there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then there was a Girl Scout outing to the Eco Station where they rescue exotic and endangered animals.  Kids were fascinated.  And they got to meet a 7 foot anaconda.  Highlight!


We went to Zoo Lights:


Continued with tennis (it’s been COLD out there!).


And of course have been celebrating Hanukkah, with gifts, candles, prayers, more gifts, songs (there are people in our house now that can play the dreidel song on violin, clarinet and piano, and none of them are me or Chuck) and more gifts.  Molly got her first pair of kitten heels and and Easy Bake oven and Jacob got things you can build.  Happy, happy kids.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then we rounded out the weekend with our holiday party – this is the kids cooking handiwork.  I didn’t get any pictures once all their guests arrived and started playing “boys vs girls” which is all anyone wants to play…


Next: Nutcrackers, ice skating and all the Christmas traditions!

A Thanksgiving on Another Planet

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I’m so sad it’s Sunday and this wonderful family week is over!  We didn’t go anywhere, or have anyone here for Thanksgiving Day.  Chuck and I both had work to catch up on, and we were all pretty beat coming off a super busy month and gearing up for the holidays.  So we hunkered down together, did a lot of hiking, more eating, took a few outings and had a wonderful time.  Plus, we planned our holiday party, made gifts (you’ll be getting them, I think, if you’re reading this!) and got our holiday cards ordered.  Whew!

The week started with a trip to see the biggest billboard for the show.  It’s on the top of the W hotel.


There’s Mol so proud of her Daddy. You can kind of see it on top of the hotel.  But we needed a better view…


So we convinced the concierge to take us to the private residence pool on the roof.  By the way, rich people live well.


And that’s Molly at the hotel, pretending to take a picture with a pillow.

Then we went to the Mummies exhibit at NHM.  Which is awesome – they have never before seen stuff from Peru and Egypt.  And both kids were fascinated.  Molly was also inspired.


We did a little hiking with friends on Tuesday and then Wednesday was a Rose Family tradition – I work while Chuck takes the kids to the LA Auto Show.  And a good time is had by all.


From the race car drivers


to those who really appreciate a Darth Vader car.


Then on Thanksgiving we hiked while the Turkey cooked, and came home to dinner.

vasquezturkey_0071Which Chuck expertly carved


And then we ate on Grandma/Gram’s china.


And we capped the evening by forcing the kids into watching Bringing Up Baby.  And they loved it.  Which is probably why this was the best Thanksgiving ever.

Friday we went for another hike, this time up at Vasquez Rocks.


Entrance to park, then the Witch’s Hat


Then we had the queen of the mountain:


And the king of the mountain:


Taking a break…


and lastly a little scope picture:


Then we came home and played games and watched a couple of episodes of Star Trek that were filmed at Vasquez, which was really fun.  We also read up on the legend of the bandito who hid there and the area is named for him.

Last adventure was a quick paint job in the hall way, which I share because the kids helped and looked adorable doing it!


First time they’ve helped paint the house!  They did a great job.


And now we’re heading to Beverly Hills to see the season start and end our holiday with a sushi dinner…  And that’s our holiday week!  I can’t believe next weekend is Hanukkah and the following weekend we have our holiday party – time to get back to work!

Halloween and Hollywood

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Well, we had two big event a few weeks ago, and I haven’t had a chance to get pictures up about them until this day off where I’m cooking and not working…  :)  So here’s event #1: Halloween.

Premiere Halloween_0111First event was the school parade.  They have two male teachers this year, so I went to school and helped out in a room where we took all the girls to get ready.  Notice no princesses?  So happy!

Premiere Halloween_0140Jacob and friends before parade.

Premiere Halloween_0150Molly really committed to the character for the afternoon.

Premiere Halloween_0148And not that you can tell, but that’s Jacob as Kylo Ren.

Premiere Halloween_0055Next up, Halloween!  Leaving our house… I have two shots of Mol and none of Jacob, as he refused to pose.

Premiere Halloween_0059But we forced them into a picture at trick or treating.

IMG_3225And with their 2 friends they went out with (Dumbledore, sand wig, and Cyndi Lauper)

Premiere Halloween_0079They have cool friends.

Ok, other event was the huge GOLD (as Molly will correct us both every time we say red) carpet premiere of Chuck’s show.  It was really windy and really fun.  It was a big deal!  Cameras, lights, movie stars, press – the works.  (So, drinks, too.  Which, it’s turns out do NOT mix super well with 6″ heels.) Jacob took this picture of us before we left the house.

Premiere Halloween_0220And here’s Chuck under one of the hundreds of posters of the show up at Sony.

Premiere Halloween_0226And on the carpet…

Premiere Halloween_0228And with one of the stars, and a good friend.

Premiere Halloween_0237Oh, I forgot that between the two events, we had Friday night.  Where we went to see the Sound of Music.  So fun.

Premiere Halloween_0173

Cute kids!Premiere Halloween_0178We got our own box.  Jacob was pretty thrilled with that.

Premiere Halloween_0190And Molly just loved Daddy time. And the show.

Premiere Halloween_0200

Finally, couple of other little things…  Mol is taking tennis again:

Premiere Halloween_0045And she earned her “Detective Badge” in Girl Scouts.  So everyone got into the act wearing mustaches at the last meeting.

Premiere Halloween_0021

Even the brothers.

Premiere Halloween_0036(Chuck and I have decided we’re going to be on the lookout for if they need a kid to play John Hodgeman as a child…)

And finally, the kids had a publishing party at school.  They each picked their best pieces to publish, illustrate and share with the class and parents.  We read all the stories and left comments on each piece.

Premiere Halloween_0015They took it very seriously.  Then we ate cookies.

Premiere Halloween_0014And last random picture… we were out shopping in Beverly Hills, and snapped the kids with their Dad.  That’s one good looking family I have.

Premiere Halloween_0050I love how it shows everyone off: proud dad, silly boy and ladylike girl…

Aunt Debbie’s Visit

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This feels like a million years ago!  Because in the past two weeks we’ve also had Halloween and a certain Hollywood premiere… which is also why I’m so slow in updating.  But let’s start with two weeks ago, then soon I will post Halloween and party pictures.

lateoct_0247I’m going to start here.  The day Debbie came was picture day at school, so they were all dressed up.  And darn cute.

lateoct_0246Then Debbie got here and it was a whirl wind.  Soccer and the pumpkin fest, brunch at Inn of the 7th Ray and getting ready for Halloween (with costume shopping, trying on and pumpkin carving)…  so here are some of the pictures.  I’ll start with a slide show of the kids with Deb.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then here are some of the Pumpkin festival.  The kids danced to Thriller, and we grownups all worked the Franken Bear booth, with Chuck and I hawking and Debbie saving our butts by helping us all sew…


lateoct_0130Molly and her friends.

lateoct_0190Jacob as a Thriller Zombie.  He worked on the dance at school, practicing.  Molly doesn’t like an audience and refused.  Until her friend Tessa pulled her in.

lateoct_0201Zombies rise!lateoct_0107Then we went to the Inn of the 7th Ray.  Heaven!  There are some pictures above in the slideshow of it.  Then we went to a pumpkin patch.

lateoct_0042Molly found one.  Then Jacob found one.

lateoct_0052Then Molly made a friend.

lateoct_0059And finally we all realized we didn’t want to spend $20 on a small pumpkin and we left.  (Got them at the store on the way home…)

THEN!  Best part: stopped at the antique store and went crazy trying on costumes. My favorite:

IMG_3131Steam Punk something?  Or maybe it’s this little king:

IMG_3135Or the two of them together…

IMG_3123Or separately.

IMG_3121Thing One.  And Thing Two:

IMG_3125And a last parasol twirl on the way out…

IMG_3113And at home, trying on their actual costumes…lateoct_0076And then a couple pictures of other times… Like when Chuck caught a cute snap of the kids getting bread.

IMG_3108Or when they did their Native American dance at school.

lateoct_0002And Mol (on stage, farther and blurrier…)


Whew!  Next time I get a chance I will upload pictures from Halloween and the Art of More Premiere!


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