Yep, More Slideshows – The July Editions

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Somehow, we go back to school in a week.  The past month has been a whirlwind, mostly of Portland, but then crazy busy as we got home and had to catch up with friends (and doctors, and getting ready for school 5th grade!!).  Before they are 10 1/2 (which is tomorrow!), I figured a summer picture dump was in order.

So let’s start with catching up with LA, before we left for Portland.

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So much going on here: camp shirts for a field trip, 4th of July, Kidspace and spending the night in Pasadena (pools!!), Hollywood Bowl (Harry Potter), Shakespeare in Topanga (Midsummer Nights Dream), art museums (crazy Snow White wood art) and pool time with besties before taking off…

Then we have Portland.  I figured I’d better split this into 3 parts.  Part one is Brasada, the ranch Mum and Jim took us to outside Bend, where we swam, lazed, grilled, fished, horseback rode, relaxed, walked, tried to creep up on rabbits, also saw giant jack rabbits and jackalopes, ate and generally had a blast amid the spectacular dessert scenery.


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If you start with the picture with the kids walking into the the building to check in, it’s in order, so you can get a sense of what we did…

Then we got back to Portland and Dan, Juliet & Joseph came to visit.  That was wonderful.  I miss the kids getting to know the whole huge family I adore.  And we took a day trip to Cannon Beach, which was the only time I took pictures.

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In general, I was woefully neglectful with the pics.  I didn’t get any of the kids with Cory!  But he and Tina are coming to visit in January on their way to Thailand, so we will make sure to get some then…

So, back to Portland, for Pickles (the baseball team), science experiments, kiddie pool cool offs, grilling, mini golfing, arm wrestling and just spending as much time with family as possible.

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It was a great visit.  And now, onto the next great adventure: 5th grade!

A June of Slideshows

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I feel like I spend more time apologizing for my lousy updating than anything!  But if we don’t do a rush of pics, there will be nothing this month.  So I figure I’ll update the past month with a series of three topical slideshows, with notes.

Here goes slide show #1.  It’s of the end of school.  It includes the orchestra concert (they’re all in black and white!), the school Mission Project presentation (I think a doctoral dissertation is less stressful), awards ceremony and last day of school at the park with friends…

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Next up we have Daddy time.  June is Daddy month, which starts with his birthday and moves on to Father’s Day.  So you’ll see our trip up the coast in a rented convertible, presents (and Jacob trying on Daddy’s new leather jacket), playing ping pong, the car show, lunch out… and finally, this wasn’t on either day, but was a Daddy celebration, you can see the kids on a golf cart on the back lot of Universal when we visited Chuck’s new office.  Amazing and impressive and loads of fun.

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And the last slideshow is of the summer fun.  It’s a bit insane, and I don’t even have pictures of the berry picking and jamming day!  But you can get a snippet with a fencing tourney on the last day, baseball trophy day, Girl Scout outings (to the movies for Independence Badges, and to work at a food pantry for the homeless) Knott’s Berry Farm’s Ghost Town adventure, Harry Potter at Universal Studios, the USA Sumo Tournament, a Dodger game, Adventure Playground (that’s the rafting adventure)…

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Can you believe we’re less than two weeks into summer vacation???


School is almost out…

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And we’re packing in ALL the activities we can – so that we can get to summer and do all the activities all the time?  I don’t know what the rush seems to be, but we are jam packed full morning to night every single day.  So, without further ado:

First, I promised the video of the kids doing Hamilton.  Here it is:

Then, we have had a flurry of school activities and work, including finishing up the epic Mission projects, and a school open house/science fair night.


Jacob and his group did a project on bridges and suspension and weight bearing.  They had to construct a problem for the parents with questions and a trial and error period, leading us through what worked and why.  It was great.


Molly and her group did mountain erosion.  They were both brilliant.


Jacob got his retainer.  He made me take a picture with it in on his first night so he could see it.  I did, but reminded him that mirrors also work…


Mother’s Day was a gorgeous picnic at the polo match.  This is the relaxing shot.


This is the calmly beating each other’s heads in picture.


And this is back to lovey-dovey.


Here is Molly on her first camping trip.


It was with most of her Girl Scout troop.  Sadly, we got rained out from the second night.


But we got a good first full day in of setting up tents, playing by the river, telling ghost stories and roasting assorted goodies over the camp fire.

We went to the Ice Cream Museum with a bunch of friends.  The kids had an amazing, sugar fueled blast.

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Yes, that’s a pool filled with sprinkles.  And black ice cream.  And a room of bananas.  And mint growing in cacao nibs.  And a whole room of giant gummy bears.  And one of melting Popsicle.  And it ended with ice cream and pink pancake sandwiches.  It was nuts.

Finally, one more slide show of the Natural History Museum’s Bug Fair this weekend.  Where they got caterpillars, watched a butterfly hatch (that’s the shots of them looking up in wonder), held silkworms and tarantulas and had butterflies land on them, and just had a fascinating time.

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And I think we’re caught up again!  This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, and we have a few things planned (like going to Topanga Days to see Das Kummerspek – a Bowie cover band we all love), but mostly need to chill and get ready for the last few weeks of school!

Baseball, Horses, Hamilton & Getty

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That title is about as descriptive as I can make it, and if I added tennis, fencing & instruments, it would pretty tell you what we’ve been up to every waking minute.  But I only have pics of the 4 things in the title, so here we go!


Let’s start chronologically.  Which means Jacob’s first game as a starting pitcher.  Well!  He did great, but I lost five years of my life.  That was the most tense game I’ve ever been to.


He also got in a great hit, and then at yesterday’s game, he got a double that was two (game winning) RBIs.  So!  Baseball is off to a great start.


He also just hangs with his bros in the dugout…

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On to the talent show, and our little Hamilton & Madison.  They did Cabinet Battle #1 (I have no idea why they picked it!) with two friends.  They were amazing!  Video coming soon (as soon as we figure out how to get it off the video camera, which we never use anymore and have forgotten how…)


I missed yesterday’s baseball game because Molly and I went horseback riding with Girl Scouts.  Here’s Mol, with her horse, Fiona.


The girls also learned to muck stalls, saddle and groom.


And today we spent a spectacular day at the Getty Villa.  They were doing a Roman Holiday program, so we got to make perfume, have our fortunes told in entrails and see a show.  Plus just enjoy the beauty.  The kids were ADORABLE, and loving.  I put two almost identical shots in this slideshow because I couldn’t stand how cute they were and I couldn’t choose…

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Molly, as you can tell, has been bit by the theatrical bug, and she pretended to be Gregory Peck with the truth telling face, and then Cleopatra (she couldn’t find a snake, so she’s getting attacked by the closest thing she could find: a dragon).

Chuck will upload the Hamilton performance, and I’ll put it here, ASAP.  Next weekend, I take Molly camping with Girl Scouts and Chuck and Jacob have their boys time, which I’ve heard they’ve already planned and includes a movie we don’t want to see, burgers (Molly & I both don’t like), video games (ditto) and sushi & mini-golf (which we actually enjoy)…  So everyone should have fun, though I can’t promise pictures!

Tulips, Easter, Passover and Portland!

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Let’s start here, with a cutie pie in her element – an artisanal foodie event we went to a week before spring break.  And here’s Jacob at the same event:


And Molly got in on the silly act, too.


She also fell in love with the baby goats.  They had a super cute 8 day old one that I LOVED, and a 9 month old big guy with horns that Jacob had a blast with, and this 3 week old little lovely girl entranced Molly.


Then we went to Portland!  As usual, I was too busy just enjoying the company to really take many pictures, but I did manage to get a couple at our Seder dinner.


and this one:


The only time we actually took pictures was when we went to the spectacular Tulip fields.  (Which, yes, means we missed pictures from both Uncle Nathan’s 40th birthday and Grandpa’s slightly older than 40th birthday…) And in the tulip fields we took so many pictures I figured a slide show made more sense.  So click through below and you can always right click on an image to see if bigger!

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Then home again, home again, jiggety jig.  And it’s baseball season!  Here’s some pics from opening day.


That would be the pitcher, for the Yankees.


There’s the team (extreme zoom in, so it’s grainy) with their hats over hearts for the National Anthem.  I love that part.


And buddies with their sisters after the game.


Twin love!  We had Ailene’s cousin Cathy, who is at USC film school, spend part of Easter with us.  She asked the kids if they ever shared thoughts or said the same thing at the same time, and at the same time, they chorused: “Sometimes…”  It was really funny.

We got in one more outing before Easter – Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see the baby ducks and swans – we even saw swan and peacock eggs!  Super cute.  So I snapped a pic of the kids with Johnny Ramone.


And then Easter!  We dyed eggs and made bunny bread with Penelope, had a hunt at home, bubbles from the baskets are still a big hit, went to Greystone (as we do!) and had our egg cracking competition – Daddy is the grand champ this year.  It was a lovely day.  And the slide show with a sampling of all the pictures is below…

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March Madness

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Because clearly I can’t manage more than a monthly posting… (I’m trying to be better!).  Here’s the updates since birthday…


Let’s start with the unbelievable rain we’ve had this year, which has made everything so green and let unprecedented flowers bloom.  So gorgeous!

Then head to school, where the LA Opera did a program where the kids learned a 45 minute opera and sang as the chorus with real opera stars.  It was amazing.  They made their masks, which Molly is wearing:


And Jacob is not:


And had an amazing time (even if the only snap I got of Jacob looks like he was miserable…).

Sports!  Jacob is loving fencing.


And baseball tryouts were just Saturday.


We have also had sleepovers every single weekend, and went to the Demolition Derby this past Saturday.  It was kind of crazy.  There was one NASCAR race which was so loud it made Molly cry (you can see in the picture) and then the rest was basically cars ramming into each other.  Which delighted everyone.  And a jet propulsion truck.  And fireworks.  It was kind of insane, in the best way.

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And lastly, here are pictures from Molly’s birthday trip to Coronado Island.  It was postponed due to rain, and the weekend we went it was supposed to be cold and dreary but it was perfect.  We spent all our time on the beach and at Hotel Del, which thrilled Molly.  And we went swimming at the hotel (she was so worried it would be too cold) and had a fantastic dinner.  The balcony picture is from the Loews we stayed at, which has fantastic views.



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And that’s caught up!  You can click on anything in the slide shows to make the pictures bigger.  And I’ll try and do a catch up sooner than April!

The Big 1-0!

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Well!  Wedding, family visits, turning 10, celebrations, LIFE, so much!  I didn’t even take that many pictures this month (except of Matty and Lauren’s wedding celebration, and those pics are here -click this link to see).  But here’s a smattering of this past month…


Let’s start here, all dressed for the field trip.  4th Grade studies missions, so they went to the San Fernando Mission.  Still 9!


Sticking with the school theme, here’s semester 1 awards ceremony, math and reading awards for both.


Then I seriously didn’t take any pictures until the wedding.  Here’s the kids in their finery.  It was at a beautiful animal sanctuary, which is why they’re in front of a fence…


Here’s Jacob with his Grandpa.


And Molly adoring her first wedding:



And Jacob all handsome…



And after the wedding, adoring meeting the animals…


Then we got to spend more time with the YaYas (especially tackling Grandpa, which is always fun).


And a pig pile…


And Matty and Lauren came over for a fam portrait with the newlyweds:



Which was posed for on the couch because we got to watch Matty’s best episode of Lemony Snicket with him.  Super exciting.


And we did do other stuff, but again, forgot to take pics, except this one of Grandpa and Molly paddling around Echo Park Lake. (Jacob was Pokemon catching…)


Onto the big birthday!


On their 10th birthday, with a pile-o presents.



And here’s Molly’s new clarinet.  She loves it and it sounds amazing.


And Jacob’s drum kit assembly.  It was a big undertaking, but so worth it.  He is in drummer heaven.


Then our big girl got a big girl cutie cut.  I don’t have a great shot of it, but here she is during Jacob’s fencing lesson, curled up in a coffee shop reading a kindle with her new long bob.  Big girl!


And last update from today and seeing the LEGO Batman movie at a luxe theater.  Blast!  Tired!  Signing off…  🙂