Holidays are Here!

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Mom and Jim come tomorrow and we have so much planned, I know I won’t get a chance to update for a while, so I want to get some quick Thanksgiving and then tree decorating pictures up NOW!

Thanksgiving, we spent with a few friends.  It was low key and wonderfully fun. We ate too much, played games, and then the kids treated us to a fashion show…

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We also had a couple of birthday parties for friends.  Jacob got to play bumper soccer at one.

gibbons - 55

You can tell which is him in this shot:

gibbons - 59

Then there was an arcade party, which Mol opted out of.  We went shopping and for hot chocolate instead.

gibbons - 64

We also visited a Gibbon Sanctuary.  It was amazing.  Here’s one picture I took with my phone.  Jacob also used my camera to take a gajillion.  I put an album of them (and I snuck the camera to take some of the kids and their friend Emma who came with us) on Shutterfly, which you can see by clicking here.

gibbons - 19

And just to get us caught up, I’m going to end with another slide show of pictures of early Christmas activities: opening advents on Dec 1, setting up and decorating the tree, and a trip to Zoo Lights with best friends.

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Aunt Debbie’s Visit

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The perfect way to kick off the festive time of year is with family visits!  So we felt like we were starting the holidays early when Debbie and Matt came to visit.  And we packed their visit full with tons of things to do!  I don’t have any pictures of it, but first Chuck took them to a taping of Will and Grace and I heard it was a blast, and they got to sit right on the floor, with the director and showrunner.

Then we went on a tour of Dodger Stadium, which was amazing.  That was out outdoor time, really, all together, so that’s where most of my pictures were taken.  I’ll put everything in a slideshow below.  Then Saturday Jacob had his last regular season soccer game, so we were at that, while Chuck took Deb, Matt and Molly to an animation workshop.  Molly’s favorite parts were learning about stop motion and getting to record some voice over with one of the artists.  I would give anything for that audio!  Sunday we went to see Casablanca on the big screen (for the first time for the kids!) and then to check out the new Eataly.  Whew.  Oh, and the last pictures are of the last night dinner we had here, after which the kids constructed and decorated their gingerbread turkey…

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Then after the most dramatic soccer playoff game in kids soccer history (tied 3-3, after being down 2-0 quick, then winning in penalty kicks – first time any of the kids had ever been involved in that!) we went with a couple of Molly’s friends last night to meet the authors of this book on how girls can change the world.  It was a grandmother/granddaughter team who wrote it and the girls were all inspired.


Oh, yeah, first we got crazy good ice cream.

deb - 123

And went for a walk at a nature center.

deb - 134

But then we got absorbed in the book:

deb - 138

and Mol got her book signed.

deb - 158

Now just two more days until Thanksgiving vacation!



Happy Halloween, from Jareth & Hawkeye

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Let’s start with Halloween, because it was the cutest.  Here’s a little slideshow from our pre trick-or-treating photoshoot:

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Then there was trick-or-treating with friends,


and a candy swap (while watching the penultimate Dodgers game-we still shan’t speak of the final game).


Here’s the Goblin King, reading after we tried of the make-up in a trial run:


And the school parade with friends earlier in the day. You’ll notice that they’re wearing different costumes, because they didn’t want to ruin them for later that night.  Also, during the parade, you can see that the 5th grade did a lap with their Kindergarten reading buddies.  It’s so cute.  They partner with a kinder kid and read to them in Spanish once a week.

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And final Halloween pic, here are our pumpkins.  Molly did a cyclops, Jacob did a pirate and Chuck did a jack O-Lantern, classic style.


You can see Jacob’s pirate has a little buddy and Molly’s cyclops is eating her terrified little pumpkin.

Here’s another catchup picture: Chuck interviewed Brian Selznick at the screening of Wonderstruck, so the kids got their copy of the book signed.


And finally, our friends who moved to London got to visit and it was so awesome to see them.  The kids played like puppies at Jacob’s soccer game, so couple pics from team picture day too.  His team is Hot Sauce!  They have their last game next weekend and then it’s playoff time!

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Today Molly is at a Girl Scout event and I took Jacob to his soccer game.  Tonight we are all very excited to see Thor, and then tomorrow Jacob has another soccer game while Mol and I heard to hair day and then her Girl Group workshop.  Whew!  Then we get to start to plan and get excited for Aunt Debbie and Matt’s visit this week!

October is for Apple Picking

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Last Import - 5 of 199

Here’s a good place to start: we’ve all been doing a ton of reading!  Too many good books come out in the fall.  The new Rick Riordan got passed around at astonishing speed at our house, and then there was this: the release of the new Dog Man book.  Yes, it’s a little young for them, and we probably would have skipped it, but they each got a signed copy when we went to hear Dav Pilkey speak with Weird Al and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Last Import - 16 of 199

It was a really interesting and fun afternoon, especially because we went with a gang of good friends who are all readers.  And they got to add to their special signed copy stash.

Last Import - 32 of 199

I just like this: portrait of an artist as a young lady.  Actually, she’s dressed literary here.  She tore through the new Magnus Chase and was mad that she has no pink shirts, so she couldn’t dress like Alex Fierro, her favorite character in the book.  So she’s dressed as Blitzen.

Then we went apple picking!  Here’s a slide show of the hotel and swimming, apple picking and walking the hotel dog with our friends, Molly & Fiona.

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Chuck was in DC this week, so he missed the weekend apple pick and then we had to fill the week with friends, since they missed their daddy.  We had Penelope come over to make a haunted gingerbread house:


Last Import - 157 of 199

and another

Last Import - 162 of 199

And then we finished up the week with the Harvest Dance at school and cupcakes with friends after.  Just like at the dance, the girls went to one spot:

Last Import - 186 of 199

And the boys to another:

Last Import - 190 of 199

And now everyone is lounging in PJs as we laze our way into a weekend…

Hamilton!!!!!!! (There aren’t enough exclamation marks in the world to convey the excitement.)

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We took the kids to Hamilton Wednesday night, which is really the impetus for this catch up.  Because the looks of sheer joy were something we had to remember and share.  I’ve never seen them so excited.  Or happy!  It was just a blissful evening from start to finish, with them hanging on their seats, laughing and crying all night.  I also don’t think Chuck and I have ever had more fun.  Ever.

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And then here’s the catch up of the very few random pictures I remembered to take in September!  There’s a little of everything from a Dodgers game, extra beach day, birthday parties, soccer game, Molly trying on her Halloween wig, roller derby with friends, ice cream after school…

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And now we are nominally caught up and ready for all the October and Halloween happenings.  This weekend Jacob is in Big Bear with his buddies and Molly has her best preschool friend over for a sleepover, so they are in friend heaven!

Tales of 2 5th Grade Somethings

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5th Grade!  Can you believe it?  But actually, you have to wait for it.  First we have to do those precious last 2 weeks of summer…


Beach!  We finally got to hit the beach a few times.  And some things never change – Jacob always digs a pit, Molly always finds a way to make him crazy.


Molly and her friend Emma give us a teen preview of heading to the beach.


Summer of course means ice cream, or in this case, rose shaped gelato for the youngest Roses.


Summer also means shows at the Ford – this year we all learned some hip-hop moves.


Yes, it was about as funny as it sounds.


It also means crazy tv show premieres – this one came with an open candy bar screening and then a reception with all kinds of OZ themed goodies and stations.


It also includes visits to at least one museum: in this case the Paul Simon exhibit at the Skirball.  Molly loved all the sounds of silence…


While Jacob promptly found the place where you could watch SNL uninterrupted.


There was also (always!) Shakespeare in the park:


Photo bombing, Jacob style:


And visits to the shore:


Oh, one more thing – soccer tryouts!


And now we get up to first day of school!

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And at school, eclipse viewing!


And lastly, just to catch up, here’s a trip we took yesterday to FIDM for the Emmy nominated costume exhibit that Molly and her friend Emma couldn’t wait to go to… tonight was Jacob’s turn to pick, so we are about to head out to the Dodgers Friday night fireworks game!

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Yep, More Slideshows – The July Editions

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Somehow, we go back to school in a week.  The past month has been a whirlwind, mostly of Portland, but then crazy busy as we got home and had to catch up with friends (and doctors, and getting ready for school 5th grade!!).  Before they are 10 1/2 (which is tomorrow!), I figured a summer picture dump was in order.

So let’s start with catching up with LA, before we left for Portland.

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So much going on here: camp shirts for a field trip, 4th of July, Kidspace and spending the night in Pasadena (pools!!), Hollywood Bowl (Harry Potter), Shakespeare in Topanga (Midsummer Nights Dream), art museums (crazy Snow White wood art) and pool time with besties before taking off…

Then we have Portland.  I figured I’d better split this into 3 parts.  Part one is Brasada, the ranch Mum and Jim took us to outside Bend, where we swam, lazed, grilled, fished, horseback rode, relaxed, walked, tried to creep up on rabbits, also saw giant jack rabbits and jackalopes, ate and generally had a blast amid the spectacular dessert scenery.


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If you start with the picture with the kids walking into the the building to check in, it’s in order, so you can get a sense of what we did…

Then we got back to Portland and Dan, Juliet & Joseph came to visit.  That was wonderful.  I miss the kids getting to know the whole huge family I adore.  And we took a day trip to Cannon Beach, which was the only time I took pictures.

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In general, I was woefully neglectful with the pics.  I didn’t get any of the kids with Cory!  But he and Tina are coming to visit in January on their way to Thailand, so we will make sure to get some then…

So, back to Portland, for Pickles (the baseball team), science experiments, kiddie pool cool offs, grilling, mini golfing, arm wrestling and just spending as much time with family as possible.

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It was a great visit.  And now, onto the next great adventure: 5th grade!