The Big 1-0!

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Well!  Wedding, family visits, turning 10, celebrations, LIFE, so much!  I didn’t even take that many pictures this month (except of Matty and Lauren’s wedding celebration, and those pics are here -click this link to see).  But here’s a smattering of this past month…


Let’s start here, all dressed for the field trip.  4th Grade studies missions, so they went to the San Fernando Mission.  Still 9!


Sticking with the school theme, here’s semester 1 awards ceremony, math and reading awards for both.


Then I seriously didn’t take any pictures until the wedding.  Here’s the kids in their finery.  It was at a beautiful animal sanctuary, which is why they’re in front of a fence…


Here’s Jacob with his Grandpa.


And Molly adoring her first wedding:



And Jacob all handsome…



And after the wedding, adoring meeting the animals…


Then we got to spend more time with the YaYas (especially tackling Grandpa, which is always fun).


And a pig pile…


And Matty and Lauren came over for a fam portrait with the newlyweds:



Which was posed for on the couch because we got to watch Matty’s best episode of Lemony Snicket with him.  Super exciting.


And we did do other stuff, but again, forgot to take pics, except this one of Grandpa and Molly paddling around Echo Park Lake. (Jacob was Pokemon catching…)


Onto the big birthday!


On their 10th birthday, with a pile-o presents.



And here’s Molly’s new clarinet.  She loves it and it sounds amazing.


And Jacob’s drum kit assembly.  It was a big undertaking, but so worth it.  He is in drummer heaven.


Then our big girl got a big girl cutie cut.  I don’t have a great shot of it, but here she is during Jacob’s fencing lesson, curled up in a coffee shop reading a kindle with her new long bob.  Big girl!


And last update from today and seeing the LEGO Batman movie at a luxe theater.  Blast!  Tired!  Signing off…  🙂


Happy 2017!

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Somehow, we missed a month.  And I will endeavor to upload at least something from November at some point, but we find ourselves in 2017.  (In fact, here’s what we’ll do.  If you want to see pictures from Cuba or Harry Potter world, email me and I’ll send you links to slideshows we put together on Shutterfly for those!  Now, we’re all caught up with the major stuff… and I’ll find a Thanksgiving picture to complete November!) January follows December, so it comes as no shock, but more of a surprise how quickly we are here…

So, here’s our quick holiday update!


This is the kids all dressed up for the Nutcracker.



Here’s my matching boys, and then below my beauty girl who adores her daddy.


Then a few quick takes from Hanukkah.


Candle lighting, and gift opening on the first night.


Then with it being Christmas, a trip to Palm Springs and New Years, we kind of gave Hanukkah a bit of a short shrift this year.  We tried to make up for that with a Hanukkah dinner party for New Year, which was a blast, but I neglected to take pictures.

And here’s all our Christmas highlights in one slideshow: from cookie baking for the annual party to writing notes to Santa, trips to decor in Beverly Hills, new Christmas Eve jammies, stocking opening, Chocolate bun breakfasts, and gifts, gift, gifts!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, as I said, we jetted off to Palm Springs between Christmas and New Years.  The only time I even took out my phone (so, camera) was on our hike on the Indian trails.


It was pretty spectacular, with gorgeous hiking weather.


And because of the recent rains, the waterfall was gushing!


And finally, I’m going to end here: with the kids happy and teasing.  It seems like an auspicious start to 2017.


WAIT!  Here’s Thanksgiving:


And now we’ll just consider ourselves caught up.  Though I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, I will try to be better about updating this year…


Happy Halloween from…

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A Ninja and a prairie girl.  So cute!img_8121

But first…  We have been so nuts this year that we didn’t even make it to a pumpkin patch.  So no adorable farm-esque pictures.  We did the old Trader Joe pumpkins.  But they carved ’em darn cute.


And I have to catch up with the fact that tennis has started.  Molly at the ready.


And at practice.  This angle makes it look awkward, but she is actually developing a nice swing!  But this one you could see her cute face, so I used it.  She and her buddy Fiona love this new coach.


Here’s the kids in half costume before school.  They were supposed to wear costumes to school for the day, but hats were missing, and in fact, Jacob wore his spare Storm Trooper costume, not his actual one, so that if it got messed up after a day at school, it wouldn’t impede the trick-or-treat enjoyment.


Jacob and his friend wait for the parade at school to start.


And Molly marching…


And this is their trick or treat gang, at rest…


And in character!  Jacob had a blast chopping people, and Molly was so mad that lots of people didn’t know who she was, that her night was made when one woman not only knew she was Laura Ingalls Wilder, but told her it was her favorite costume of the night and gave her an extra huge scoop of candy.  Being literate and literary pays!

Grandma Rose’s Visit

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Double post today, because in 3 days we leave for Cuba and then I will be over a month behind – and we’ll be playing work catch up and getting ready for holiday!

Before Grandma Rose came, we have a few straggling pics:


First, we went to something that was Jacob’s idea of heaven: a bot building adventure.


Not only did he get to build it, you code it and then control it with an ipad.  Yep, heaven.


So, Molly got to do something fun for her: cooking.  She and her friend Ava had a chopped competition.  To test it out, we only did appetizers, then ordered pizza.  Next time we’ll do a whole three course shebang.  Here’s she’s reaching into her bag to find out her mystery ingredients.



They were goldfish, chicken, peas and marscapone cheese.


Which she turned into a goldfish crusted chicken over a bed of peas cooked in a marscaopne lemon sauce, finished with apple and cracker crumbs.  It was really tasty!


We also went to a show about the American Revolution (amazing!) in a theater where they were also showing a play about Scorsese.  So they posed by the picture.


And just a reminder that it’s still soccer season.


Then Grandma Rose came, and we had an amazing, whirlwind visit.  We did Micili’s (of course) and ate and played at home, and went to the Getty.



Cute AND helpful.


And silly.


And here’s Mol stealing my purse and sunglasses.


And the last night she was here we had to decorate a cookie haunted house.


And we have to end with a picture that sums up M&J’s current relationship, where she’s making a face because he is trying to pinch/tickle/disturb her, without being seen.


And now, Halloween!

Aunt Debbie & Matt Visit

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Want to know how to make a week fly by?  Have beloved family visit!  I’m also behind in catching up pics, so here’s a chronological catch up of pics…


Of course I have to start with these cute pics, under a mural by Dallas Clayton.


And this is from Jacob’s first soccer game (you’ll see lots of soccer pics today – they’re basically from three Saturdays in a row, which means three soccer games in a row.  I stopped for coffee on the way to the game.


Then Jacob and his teammate/buddy after the first game:


And what Molly does during games (at least morning after a sleepover where she was exhausted):


Jumping to Debbie’s visit, where I forgot to get the camera out until Saturday.  After soccer, so he’s in gear.


We did the Ferndell Walk, and stopped at the Grotto, which seemed perfect for playing:


And pictures.


And more


and more


and last one:


Then the next day was violently hot, so we headed west to the farmers market and a meadow in the palisades.  I again forgot to take pics, except of the tee pee creations Matt showed Jacob how to build.


The day after Matt & Debbie left, the Wolves came to sunset.  The ones we had visited previously at Shadowlands came to meet the kids at one of our favorite coffee shops to raise awareness.


So we went with friends.


And that brings us up to today, and soccer pictures!


That’s my handsome boy!  And here’s his team:


And Jacob making a play…


And finally, how Molly plays while Jacob plays:


Whew!  That’s a world record fast catch up, but I don’t want more time to pass.

Molly the Clarinetist

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Molly had her amazing recital.  We were blown away by her dedication and hard work.  She is simply amazing, especially considering she just took it up last fall at school and has only been taking private lessons and working towards this recital over the summer.img_20160910_9999_5

Here she is, about to start.  The recital was near our house, at the home of another student that studies with her teacher.  There were 4 kids, and they all did an amazing job.


Here’s the audience set up…

Molly’s first piece was Hedwig’s Theme:

Yay!  Then the other kids played their first pieces and we had an intermission snack break.

Back for the second half, which was Jamaica Farewell:

And she was super relieved to be done:

img_20160910_9999_8Then her teacher gave them all certificates.


And the kids hung out by the pool, relaxing and playing.


And beauty pageant flowers…








Daddy’s Home

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Chuck had a last visit of the summer up to Montreal to wrap season two (yay!), and we packed many a sleepover and outing into that week, and then were so happy to have him home for Labor Day weekend that we packed a lot into this weekend too.


Of course, I forgot to document all of it, but I got a few snaps.  Like this one of the kids meeting the coolest owl before the hip hop show at the Ford.  Where we all learned that we love owls, love the new renovations at the Ford and really really love hop hop street dance.


From there we went to the library, because it’s another happy place for us all.  And they just looked so grown up, they cracked me up and I had to take a picture.


I happen to have a pic from that night’s sleepover, because they made (and ate) a cookie white house.  Which they awesomely decorated, and practiced their Nixon impressions.  (Not pictured!)  and talked about Donald Trump.  It was pretty funny.


Here’s the back of Jacob’s head as he watches, for the second time, Romeo and Juliet as done by Pokemon.  It was pretty awesome.  Actor’s Gang, we love you.


And we made it!  Barely… to the Hollywood Bowl before the season ended.  For Shakespeare at the Bowl night.  Their first experience with Antony & Cleopatra, which is intense.  But fun, and gorgeous at the Bowl at night.  You can see the Hollywood sign in the hills behind the stage…

And weekend!  Friday was sleepovers and craziness, and Saturday we kind of relaxed and read and played and watched Harry Potter #6 – as both kids have finished that book.  Jacob is almost done with book 7, which means we have two more movie nights filled with HP coming up this fall.  I think I’m more excited (or as!) as the kids.  And Sunday we went to the first ever LA Fleet Week.

Mixed emotions – it was amazing, and we all learned so much.  Including a huge ,huge appreciation for the men and women of our armed forces.  They were so incredible and kind and patient with the kids, explaining all their gear, and jobs and toys (the helicopters were fascinating, including the Osprey, which you can ask Jacob all about how it changes from a helicopter to a airplane – you can see in the pictures that he is giving a thumbs up in it, which does not begin to convey his excitement about it).  And Jacob was floored and fascinated by it all.  Especially the guns.  And therein lies the dilemma.  While the search and rescue missions were incredible to hear about, seeing the kids with guns gave us horrible pits in our stomach.  But lots of places for good discussions.  Just had to mention how conflicted we felt before showing the pictures of kids beaming with weapons.  But the upside was all the incredible technology on display, and that captured their imaginations as well.

Here’s a slide show of pics from the day, many of which Jacob took as he took over my camera, for some selfies and Molly pics.  I took the ones of Jacob.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we needed some peace.  So we went to Terrenea for lunch, and that was heaven.


And a cliff walk:



and one more…