Petruchia of Venus

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Molly’s first full length play was this weekend!  She was brilliant, if I may say so.  She was Petruchia, in a gender reversal Taming of the Shrew, that took place in outer space, where men were outnumbered 1000 to 1, and so in short supply.  They can’t be trusted to make good decisions, so their mothers would arrange marriages for them.  Here’s a set of pictures of Molly’s debut…  WordPress is being weird about uploading video, so email me if you want links to the YouTube videos I took (they’re pretty crappy, but I’m still happy to have them!).

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Holidays, Full Steam Ahead

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Well, here we are, post-Thanksgiving and mid-Hanukkah, coming up hard on Christmas!  So, catch up, once again…  First off, just for fun, there’s this:


It’s from the Annenberg photography exhibit, which we took Matt and Debbie to.  Yes – their visit!  I never got any of those pictures up because we went straight into Thanksgiving week from there.  So here’s a quick overview of the dim sum and hike and museums and just hanging out we got to do on their amazing visit…

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Though I didn’t actually remember to take enough pictures, as always, lately with visits – the kids are so big and we all move so fast, I forget to take pics.  Luckily, Matt and Debbie sent some they took, too.

Then it was Thanksgiving! And we had a wonderful one, in our new house, with our Thanksgiving friends, Molly & Fiona, and their Aunt Jules and Uncle Brian.

We also got to sneak in a couple of hikes that week (this is how Jacob feels about hiking),


some movies, museums and a visit to the Huntington Gardens…


where we literally told the kids they couldn’t eat until they stood near each other, smiled, and let us get a picture.

So we got a few snaps.


But they were still happier solo.


And finally, we come to hard core holiday season, starting with Hanukkah.


We had the first two nights,


And then Chuck had a work meeting, and wasn’t home to light candles.  So the kids did it, and said the prayers, and I took a video and sent it to him as a surprise.


(This is just a still, I’ll send you the video from my phone if you want it… wordpress is just being wonky about letting me upload video right now.)

And we’ve decked our own halls for the very first time. 


And our stockings are hung by the chimney with care.


Lest that look too actual cold weather holiday for LA, here’s a picture I took Monday morning of sunrise from our kitchen, looking perfectly like a Los Angeles December morning.


Happy Holidays!  One more week of school, and then the kids are off for 3 weeks of festivities and fun!  (And then maybe more, if this teachers strike really comes to fruition… but we’ll worry about that when the time comes.)





Happy Halloween!

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Halloween!  We careened into it, going from a weekend of the kids returning to their alma mater to work at Pumpkin Fest (ok, that was the plan, but they really played with their friends…) and go to their first middle school dance straight from there.  It was amazing – they had a blast, and they went in a gang of 9 (from their old school, so it was kids that are like family) and they traveled in a pack the whole night.  It was at LACMA, and they shut down the museum for hundreds of kids, with art installations, DJs, food trucks and dancing.  Here’s their crew:


Then we carved pumpkins:

And skidded into a couple of Halloween parties.  I didn’t take many pics at one, and didn’t get any at the other, but this one of Molly wrapping her oldest friend up like a mummy cracked me up.


Then, Halloween!  We had a little Charlie Chaplin (who didn’t break character while trick or treating) and a young Indiana Jones.

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This is them trick or treating with the same gang they’ve gone with since kindergarten:


And to round out the school week, I got to go on a field trip with the kids for their Spanish class.  They went to Olvera Street for Dia de los Muertos, and made sugar skull necklaces, toured the museums and went shopping/eating.  And I got to meet their new friends!

Now the weekend!  Chuck is visiting Grandma Rose, so we are distracting ourselves with orthodontist appointments, sneaker shopping and a couple of sleepovers.  Then the day after Chuck gets back, Debbie and Matt come visit for our long weekend, so we have lots to look forward to…

Update Dump

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Well, it’s been a crazy fall.  And I haven’t been great about documenting anything, so I’m going to do a purge of the last 6 weeks or so, and hopefully get back on track before holidays!

First up, some pics from ages ago, when we went to a couple of events: Muppets at the Skirball and a Smallfoot movie experience.  The Muppets were amazing and we got to see the original Muppets!  There was also a Bernstein exhibit, and Molly and Chuck sang along with Westside Story.  The cutest thing about the Smallfoot exhibit was watching the kids play in the “snowball pit.”

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Molly also bridged in Girl Scouts from Juniors to Cadets.  It was very emotional!

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Then we decorated the house for Halloween (we have a house to decorate for Halloween!).  Those pumpkins on the front step?  There’s a story.  We noticed nibbles out of the pumpkins and figured it was a squirrel.  Then we caught him.  Then we watched the pumpkin disappear over the course of the weekend and he started on the next. And we watched him get fatter and fatter.  The front was a disaster of exploded pumpkin, and we worried it would be exploded squirrel if he kept going.  And one day, we found blood on the steps!  We don’t know what happened, but we threw out the pumpkins, hosed down the steps and vowed to get ceramic squash in the future…

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And Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit.  I think we wiped them out with outings (like the AMAZING King Tut exhibit) and eatings (brunch at Dominique Ansel and our new favorite cake – made with eggplant, and Gram’s blueberry cake were highlights), but we also balanced it with some downtime hanging at home.  And I pretty much forgot to take any pictures until dinner the night before they left.

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And lastly, these cute pics we snapped at a flower wall we were walking by in the Palisades…


Pre-hair cut for Jacob…


Also pre- new glasses which we just ordered!


But now we’re all caught up in time for Halloween!  Which should be fun…  🙂


New School, New House

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So, when we got home from Portland, there was a lot of frantic this:


So much painting!  So much packing!  This is Molly, painting her room from sickly greenish to pretty lilac.  You can kind of see her amazing reading nook!  Once we have all the pictures and curtains hung, I’ll do a full before and after slide show, but for now, you can see that the house itself looked like this when we bought it:

front house

And looks like this, now that we’ve painted it:


So much better!  We love it.  You can see the ladder in the kitchen, waiting for the curtain rods to come so we can hang them.  In between the work, though, we found time for this:


and this:


Molly also fit in some time with Girl Scouts to work on her Bronze Award, which is a homelessness awareness project her troop came up with.  First they made signage and flyers:


Then, they held a food drive and got a TON of donations:


And then we moved!  One week before school started!  But with enough time to move on a Friday, clean the old place on Saturday, and wake up Sunday in our new home and brunch on the deck.


We all thought we’d be sad and miss out old home, but we don’t – not a bit!  Two weeks later and we are fully unpacked (ok, we need to hang some pics and curtains still, but not too bad!) and it feels like home.  We also had to uniform shop, modeled here in the regular and PE versions by two adorable new 6th graders:


And get ready for the first day of middle school:


So cute!  It killed me how grown up they look, and then we got to school and they look so tiny next to the giant, mustached 8th graders…  But so far they’re loving school and teachers and making friends and keeping up with the sudden influx of homework.

We also have managed to sneak in some friend visiting, like having our old carpool buddies (we miss them!) over for a swim:


And meeting up with Emma and the floating Thor for “Much Ado About the Avengers”


Now they’ve done 2 weeks of school, we’re gearing up for a weekend packed with sleepovers, working at a food pantry, going to see Titus Andronicus, Crazy Rich Asians (poor Jacob, the rest of us want to see it, so he’s getting dragged…  we promised him movie treats!) and the Jim Henson exhibit at the Skirball.  Because: last weekend before Labor Day!!!

More more more, PORTLAND!

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I know, I’m even shorter on the words than usual, but I’m anticipating falling even further behind as we jet home tomorrow, paint, move and start middle school, all in the space of about 15 days.  And these are some great pictures of the kids enjoying family and fun and summer, and I don’t want them to get lost in the shuffle.  SO!  Even though we don’t leave until tomorrow, so I’m missing out on horseshoes in a few minutes and Shakespeare in the cemetery tonight, I want to get these summer snaps uploaded now…

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I didn’t get many great shots with Grandma (I will do that today!!!  and they will be uploaded later…) or Aunt Lisa (she, ironically, is in LA this week, leaving there tomorrow…).  And I can’t find an old picture I wanted to put here of Molly and her alien from 5 years ago – we were so excited to find the alien again at Oaks Bottom Park!  So hopefully I will have a few updates coming up, but I didn’t want to sit on these.  We had an amazing visit, and a fantastic break from house stuff…


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I’ll save all the rest of the Portland pix for when we finish up our week here, but here I have two quick slide shows to upload now… One is of Brasada (and the drive up there, when we stopped for lunch and also at the river).  So, here’s our cabin, and swimming, and biking and horse back riding, hot tubbing, horseshoe and cornhole playing and bunny enjoying!

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And then on the way home, we stopped at the most amazing Alpaca ranch, where the kids fed them, watched the babies and shopped!

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