Yayas, Cookies, Haircuts and more

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So, cold season hits because we waver between 88 during the day and 48 at night (I’m not complaining, but anytime you fluctuate 40 degrees in hours, everyone gets colds).  It’s also girl scout cookie season, baseball tryouts are this weekend, and school is busy, busy, busy.  And we just finished reading book 2 of Harry Potter, so muggles don’t fare well at conversations at our house right now.  And I think, in general terms, that catches you up!  Here are the pictures to get us caught up that way:

yaya visit_0002

Starting with the few (too few, but it was all afterschool visits while we were running around or just hanging out, so I didn’t go picture crazy), from Grandpa and Grandma YaYa’s visit.

yaya visit_0006

No idea what they were saying…

yaya visit_0007We had a big dinner when Caroline was here

yaya visit_0010with cake to celebrate all the February birthdays

yaya visit_0012and lots and lots of story reading

yaya visit_0015I also owe this picture from the ranch – Jacob in the golf cart:

photo(3)And then it was girl scouts!  First a trip to the Fire Station to learn first aid:

photo(4)And then cookie boothing.  First booth ever (ruthless saleswoman, I have)

Cookie Boothing_0000she ran people down in the parking lot, then turned on the charm…

Cookie Boothing_0016And then a smaller fun one with a friend from another troop:

Cookie Boothing_0092After which we went for ice cream and a swing through the bookstore:

Cookie Boothing_0100What else?  Molly is winding down ballet, and wants to start up with tennis next.  So I had to get more shots of her dancing.  I love her dancing!  I’ll really miss it.

Cookie Boothing_0045

Liz is a great teacher.Cookie Boothing_0068

And Molly has blossomed as gracefully as her genes allow…Cookie Boothing_0049

Jacob never met a dog he didn’t like:


Nor Molly a book (it’s grainy, but it looked like an old impressionist painting to me… it was in low light while we were waiting in the lobby for a play to start.

photo(5)Also, Molly learned to ride a bike, with training wheels, but still – it’s her first venture on a wheeled anything and we’re thrilled and proud!


So is she.

photo(1)And finally, Monday we finally got Jacob the haircut he’s been needing.  And it happens that Chuck just got his cut too, so here are my handsome haircut boys.

haircutboysAnd Jacob built that ship all by himself.  The kid is a genius at building anything and everything!

Our Little Dudes

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So, per totally usual, I’m way behind.  We had a great visit with Grandma & Grandpa Yaya (pictures to come… I’m catching up in order!), and also did a big family get together with Matt, Alessandra & Caroline, went away on vacation, and came back to mayhem (work, lice, me throwing out my back… Oh! And a super fun Oscar party was in there too…).  But here’s what you really want: pictures of the kids at their first dude ranch.  Complete with fishing, tennis, golf, horseback riding, playing in the barn, swimming, even shuffleboard and volleyball.  Did I mention the singing cowboy hayride?  Or our cabin with a fireplace that we lit each night?  And more stars than the kids have ever seen?  (Though not as many as Merrymeeting lake in the summer…)  Jacob became obsessed with finding constellations, which was awesome, and Molly got on her first horse (and caught the first fish of any of the Roses!).

So here are a few pictures:


Arriving at the ranch.

alisal_0448Dressing for dinner


alisal_0313Riding horses

alisal_0276Feeding chickens

alisal_0294and bunnies



alisal_0149pancakes at the adobe after the hayride…  Can you see the singing cowboy in the back?

alisal_0130A Cowgirl warms up by the fire.

alisal_0349The girls lounged by the pool while the boys golfed – I have to get the picture of Jacob driving the golf cart (the highlight of his whole trip) from Chuck.

And those are quick highlights and not even my best pictures, but it’s a smattering I have handy…  What you REALLY want to do is see the whole 150 shots in the slideshow.  That will give you a much better idea of how adorable the kids are on the ranch… So CLICK HERE to see them.

Oh my god, they’re 7!!

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I can’t believe it.  They got too many presents and had a fabulous birthday.  There’s proof, and lots of it, in this gallery of about 100 pictures we took.  Here’s a little sample – Jacob thrilled with his gifts:


And Molly, modeling her sweater the Grandma knit – with Sasha in her matching one:

Birthday Party_0018 copyThen the next day we took 4 of their friends home with us after school.  We went out to lunch, then played at the Grove, then went to the Lego Movie, then home for a pizza and cupcake and slumber party.

Birthday Party_0085That’s the crew.  A great bunch of kids.  Then them at American Girl:

Birthday Party_0119And at the movies:

Birthday Party_0180If you want another 70 pictures or so of the party, they’re in a gallery, too.

And now they are 7!  Holy cow.

January Slideshow

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Let’s just call it what it is – lately we’re dumping pics so you can see them, so let’s just make this a quick slideshow!  Because we’re two weeks away from a birthday party and loads of celebrations, and I have a feeling February will be a full month of pictures, so I want to clear out the lightbox, as they say, and there’s some cute stuff here.  Again, click on a pic to launch the full size images, and scroll down if you need to to see a quick word about what you’re looking at…

Merry Merry, to End the Year

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And here’s the last entry of a very busy, very amazing year – how we spent Christmas.  Mostly.  Lots of pictures are missing, like our first family tennis game on Christmas Day, and Jacob’s first ride on his new bike, because we were too busy doing to document.  Hope your Christmas was as lovely as ours, and we wish you love, joy and peace.  We’ll see you in 2014! (Again, ending with a slideshow, in the name of getting things up quickly – trying a new type, but just click on any picture to launch the slideshow…)

Thanksgivikah, School & GrandmaGrandpa!

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Per usual, I’m behind here.   WAY behind.  And I want to catch up before Christmas (tomorrow!), when I’m sure we’ll take a bunch of pictures.  So…  new idea here, I’m doing a slide show that includes Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Train to Santa AND Grandma and Grandpa’s visit.  The only thing not here, besides the kitchen sink, is their holiday concert at school, because I only took video, and our holiday party at home, because I took nothing, choosing instead to just enjoy.  And refill the egg nog.  And have wine.  So – pictures!  And Merry Christmas!!!

(Click on any picture to launch the slideshow, then if you want to see any comment I made about an images, you may need to scroll down…)

Farms and Gardens

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We have 20 more days of school from now till Jan 13th.  Seriously!  That’s a LOT of days off.  Which will be fun, and exciting, and a bit busy as we try to balance having fun with getting work done.  So I’m thinking this is my last chance to update this week, and next week we will be full of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah pictures.  Already.

So this week we had a field trip at a farm, and also we had visited Descanso Gardens last weekend and I forgot to update pics. So they’re here.  Also, couple of funny kid stories:

Molly was mad at Jacob for something, and she stormed past me yelling, “Jacob is a dreadful, dreadful boy.”  My drama queen.  (Who now vacillates between wanting to be a scientist and an actress.)  And last night she didn’t want to go to bed, and she was snuggling on our bed with Chuck, and Jacob came in and snuggled on their other side, and I was trying to get some work done, and Molly said, “Oh, mummy, won’t you come join in the family snuggle?”  And of course I did, and I said, “You have us wound around your little finger, don’t you?” And the little minx beamed up at me and said, “I always have a plan.”

Jacob (who is convinced he is the next Puig, still – we spent the afternoon playing baseball together…) is obsessed with World War II, and we’ve been talking a lot lately about democracy versus monarchy and revolutions and the notion of due process and innocent before proven guilty (I know, weird).  So we were talking about how you get one phone call and I jokingly asked them who they’d call.  Jacob said, right away, “Grandpa!”.  And I said, “Not me?”  and he said “No, Grandpa is much stronger.” I’m still not sure if he thinks that phone call is to call someone to physically break you out of jail…And pictures:midnov_0091Pumpkins at Descanso.

midnov_0101And the art lab there, too.

midnov_0063This is the kids with their English teacher, Mr. Sanchez, at the farm.  It’s very them.  (Jacob joking, Molly world weary.)

midnov_0075Mol listening to the farmer…

midnov_0040And Jacob in the pumpkin patch. (Did I mention he got a haircut?  It’s short, short, short!  Meanwhile, Molly refuses to even trim her bangs.)


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