Halloween and Bel Air

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Yikes!  I see this being a pattern…  as the kids get older, I post less and less.  Less time.  Less picture taking as we are able to be more active together.

But when the pictures come, they’re worth the wait!  And I’ve got Halloween pictures and a fun outing pics, and some from a birthday party they went to that were too adorable to ignore.  So here we go:


That’s the Ninja Twins on Halloween.  We went to a friends house, where the kids met two friends – Jacob had to trick or treat with his friend Asher, as they were both Ninja’s, and so Molly needed a buddy, and they had a great time.


Molly Ninja.


Jacob Ninja.

Earlier in the day, they had their school parade.  See if you can find the ninja and the princess (she had a costume change for school…).


I have to go back a weekend earlier, and share a couple of pictures from a birthday party of one of their close friends, because it was so darn cute.  They had old fashioned games, like the egg race


And tug of war


Neither  of which Mol wanted to take part in.  But when it came to whacking things (for sugar), she was all in:


So was Jacob.


And one last pic, before I get to yesterday’s pictures.  Jacob has been building up a storm lately.  Molly had her first sleepover at someone elses house on Friday night.  So Jacob got to be a spoiled only child, and we took him out for sushi and let him pick a movie to watch.  Star Wars, Episode 2, of course.  So then he built and photographed this amazing command bridge for the clones.

bel air_0000

And then Molly came home and knocked it down.

Anyway, after that all happened, we went to this really cool cooking class in the kitchen with the executive chef at the Bel Air Hotel.  It was amazing.  Like really amazing.   Here’s the kids, making pasta and apple pie. First, toques and aprons.


Then, cooking. Make the pasta dough:


Then knead it.


Then watch it go through the press.


Then you have to clean up (this shot is so you can see the amazing kitchen):


And we also strolled the grounds, and saw the swans.

bel air_0025

Molly was far more into letting us take pictures of her.

bel air_0032

Jacob let us take one.

bel air_0036

Then he went into hiding.

bel air_0062But Molly is always up for a picture with her Daddy:

bel air_0052

And sometimes even her Mommy.

bel air_0044That was a day none of us will forget anytime soon!

Programming note: you can click on any of the images to see them bigger!

More Halloween Parties Than You Can Imagine

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NoAnd it’s only the first weekend of October.  I can’t believe I started off a September post about the heat.  We’re on our third heat wave where the temps hit 100, with another one predicted for next weekend.  This is getting ridiculous, and couldn’t feel less like fall.  Luckily, everything else is conspiring to get us as “in the mood for Halloween and Harvest” as possible with an un-godly number of Halloween and pumpkin outings to kick off the month. (You can click on any of these images to see them bigger.)

No, seriously.  We went to Mickey’s concert, and started the day with ice cream sodas at the soda fountain.  Then we went to a pumpkin patch, rose a train, panned for gold, hit the hay maze, drove tractors, ate cotton candy, rose paddle boats and rented a surrey, and got our first pumpkin of the season.  Then we went to a Pottery Barn party at a hotel, and consumed more sugar that I thought possible and decorated super cute pumpkins.  The the BEST of all parties was a Disney one complete with a fashion show and a warehouse full of all the new Disney ones, where the kids got to pick out any costumes they wanted.  You can see what they picked.  You can also see Molly taking the catwalk, shyly and proudly and most unlike herself (but oh so cute!).  And finally, a couple of pics of Jacob’s new soccer team.  He’s kicking ass this year!  Well, he’s kicking the ball, which is a huge jump forward from last year and has us all thrilled.  Oh!  And they managed to squeeze in their first not at our house sleepover – which went very well (and let us go see “Gone Girl” and grab sushi, so the experience was enjoyed by all).

Last note is that we also had their Parent Teacher conference and it will surprise no one to learn that the kids are top of their class, well behaved and beloved by all.  :)  Proud parent moment, had to include that little bit.  Chess club and cooking class has also started, so that explains where all our time in going – yet somehow we’re managing to squeeze in watching this heart stopping Dodger series.  Game three tomorrow, so we’ll probably let the kids stay up a little late, even if it’s a school night!

Where is September Going?

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To the heat, I think.  For the last 10 days it’s been over 90 – and on many days over 100 – and all we could think about was getting and staying cool.  Luckily there have been birthday pool parties and birthday waterslide parties, and we threw in some beach house days and some fountain days, and then just some hibernate in the AC days.  But now the heat broke, my brain works, and I can do some catch up pics:


Keeping cool at the pool with ice cream, and city kid style: by splashing in a fountain:


Then there’s old pics from Labor Day weekend in Malibu:


at the tide pools and the beach


being thoughtful


and playing ping pong.


Nice shot!


There was sushi eating


and more sushi eating. (Look at the cleft in his chin! – you can’t always see it, but sometimes it looks really pronounced.  Thank you Shagoury genes!)


There was waiting for Shakespeare in the park


and napping while waiting for Shakespeare.


And then Girl Scouts started up again


(Troop 10295)


And soccer – first game is tomorrow morning, Jacob’s team is Barcelona!

Tonight we went to a Disney live show, which is a blast solely because it’s so fun to watch the kids, and then Sunday we’re off to our first Pumpkin Patch of the season.

And we’re mostly now caught up!  I will try and be better…  that was a long break between pictures! (PS – You can click on any of the pictures to see them bigger.)

First Day of School

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Second graders!  Holy cow.  It shouldn’t seem like a milestone, but it does.  Kinder was new school.  First grade was moving out of the kinder building and playground to be in the main building at school and playing with all the other grades at recess on the big playground.  But this year they moved upstairs (with the big kids).  Their teacher taught 6th grade math last year and is looking forward to really challenging them this year.  Their Spanish is getting amazing.  And they’re just kind of huge.

So it’s all a big deal.  And here are a couple of quick pics from the first day!

firstdaygrade2_0050 That’s them!  They’d like you to pay special attention to their shoes – Jacob got new Storm Trooper Vans that he loves, and Molly is in her new and beloved moccasins.  Our school is moving toward uniforms (school tshirts, polos and blue pants/skirts) and we’re flirting with adopting pieces of it.  Slowly.  So Jacob loves the tshirt, and we’re starting there.

firstdaygrade2_0045Here’s Miss Molly, all ready for her first morning.

firstdaygrade2_0061And Jacob, who didn’t want his picture taken.

firstdaygrade2_0058And my love bugs.

Ok, We Missed a Month

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A whole month!  It was a busy one – we were in Portland for three weeks, and the time leading up to that was working and getting ready to go, and we got home a week ago and school starts this week, so we’ve been running around getting new shoes and haircuts and cleaning the house and trying to maybe squeeze in a couple of playdates and beach days and outings (had to get them to the Actor’s Gang Shakespeare show that’s really for me, though they love it – this summer is Midsummer Night’s Dream done My Little Pony style).  Whew!  And tonight we are taking the kids to their first concert – Paul McCartney at Dodgers stadium.  Not at all worried that we’ll get home around midnight and school starts Tuesday.  Nope, not worried at all.

So, pictures have been more sporadic, and I still have a few on my phone to download and catch up with – a couple of cutie ones at a ballgame and just out and about.  But Grandpa Jim came through bigtime by documenting our lost month this summer of fun in Portland, and I’ll catch us up (for now) with those.  They’re great pics, so I’m going to slideshow them below (just click on a picture to launch the slideshow).  Be sure to check the comments on them, as the kids are going to dictate those.

Next up – back to school pics!

Independence Day – In Too Many Ways

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They are getting so big! Molly lost another tooth this morning!  And we’ve been on our crazy summer roll of beach and playdates and a week of camp and blueberry picking and concerts and movies and seeing friends and Little Tokyo visits (it’s near the movie theater where they’re running $1 movies for kids!) and seeing the lotus blossoms at Echo Park Lake and the circus and and and… and I haven’t brought my camera out for much of it.  But here’s one that was trapped on the phone: photo

And then we did bring the camera along on the 4th of July.  So first stop was the celebration at Holmby Hills.  Where we got a few cute pictures.


All dressed in red, white and blue.


Then we hit the traditional parade in the Palisades.  Jacob was playing Washington crossing the Delaware.


And Molly was being Molly.


We met up with Penelope and Fiona, who cracked the kids up.


And Jacob lost his second tooth!


Then we also still had the camera in the bag the next night when we went to see Hard Days Night.  That was a blast.

July4th_0003Which we topped off with a trip (first for the kids) to Canter’s Deli, where Molly fully embraced her Jewish heritage by getting chicken soup and pickles.

July4th_0005ANd tonight we’re off to see the Dodgers and fireworks after the game, so it’ll be another late night, so clearly tomorrow will be all about sleeping in and packing – because we’re heading to Portland on Sunday for the whole rest of the month.  Where even if I forget to take pictures, Grandpa Jim will, so by August we should have some great updates!

Daddy Day Quick Pix

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Oh!  And Jacob lost his first tooth!  That first:phonepics_0002

Other than that, the kids have been at camp this week, while I’ve been working like a mad person.  So that we can go to the beach next week and have more fun, fun, fun.  (They got new bathing suits today which are the cutest ever.  I will definitely take pictures next week.)  But we do need to catch up on a few pictures from Father’s Day – car show, out to lunch (best NE style seafood in town!)  and on a walk.  Here’s teh photographic evidence:

dadday_0107Car show!  Jacob’s playing peek-a-boo,

dadday_0103while Molly and Daddy looked magazine ready.

dadday_0032They took turns driving the Beverly Hills Hillbillies car.


And we did a little shopping.

dadday_0121And a little posing.

dadday_0139And mugging.


And kissing.

dadday_0148And it was one pretty prefect Father’s Day.



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