Independence Day – In Too Many Ways

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They are getting so big! Molly lost another tooth this morning!  And we’ve been on our crazy summer roll of beach and playdates and a week of camp and blueberry picking and concerts and movies and seeing friends and Little Tokyo visits (it’s near the movie theater where they’re running $1 movies for kids!) and seeing the lotus blossoms at Echo Park Lake and the circus and and and… and I haven’t brought my camera out for much of it.  But here’s one that was trapped on the phone: photo

And then we did bring the camera along on the 4th of July.  So first stop was the celebration at Holmby Hills.  Where we got a few cute pictures.


All dressed in red, white and blue.


Then we hit the traditional parade in the Palisades.  Jacob was playing Washington crossing the Delaware.


And Molly was being Molly.


We met up with Penelope and Fiona, who cracked the kids up.


And Jacob lost his second tooth!


Then we also still had the camera in the bag the next night when we went to see Hard Days Night.  That was a blast.

July4th_0003Which we topped off with a trip (first for the kids) to Canter’s Deli, where Molly fully embraced her Jewish heritage by getting chicken soup and pickles.

July4th_0005ANd tonight we’re off to see the Dodgers and fireworks after the game, so it’ll be another late night, so clearly tomorrow will be all about sleeping in and packing – because we’re heading to Portland on Sunday for the whole rest of the month.  Where even if I forget to take pictures, Grandpa Jim will, so by August we should have some great updates!

Daddy Day Quick Pix

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Oh!  And Jacob lost his first tooth!  That first:phonepics_0002

Other than that, the kids have been at camp this week, while I’ve been working like a mad person.  So that we can go to the beach next week and have more fun, fun, fun.  (They got new bathing suits today which are the cutest ever.  I will definitely take pictures next week.)  But we do need to catch up on a few pictures from Father’s Day – car show, out to lunch (best NE style seafood in town!)  and on a walk.  Here’s teh photographic evidence:

dadday_0107Car show!  Jacob’s playing peek-a-boo,

dadday_0103while Molly and Daddy looked magazine ready.

dadday_0032They took turns driving the Beverly Hills Hillbillies car.


And we did a little shopping.

dadday_0121And a little posing.

dadday_0139And mugging.


And kissing.

dadday_0148And it was one pretty prefect Father’s Day.


Parties and More Parties Are Fun! *Molly titled this

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We have to start with these, end of school projects the kids did.  They had to write about themselves, using the letters of their names.  Molly:photo(3)According to her own estimations, she is Magnificent, Orange (her hair, in the sunshine), Loving, Likeable and Young.
All true.

Jacob would describe himself as:

photo(4)Jewish, Awesome, Cook (he likes to), On Task (always!), Bacon (loves it) and Radiant (like Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web).  I love it.  Especially that he paired Jewish with bacon.

The a couple of housekeeping pictures:

photo(6)This was from when they were making Grandma and Grandpa’s bed up before they visited.  Just too cute.  And then, during that visit, Molly met Wonder Woman:

photo(5)Other snippets, from my phone, that I finally downloaded from this spring.  Like when we went for a walk on Abbot Kinney a while back:

photoAnd stopped for ice cream one hot day:

photo(1)Or got new jammies at Old Navy:

photo(2)And finally, the amazing Luke Skywalker that the kids built out of Legos.  He even has a light saber.

bdayandparties_0171So, before school ended, it was Daddy’s birthday.   And it was a big one.  So we did a lot of local celebrating.

bdayandparties_0082We started the birthday day with brunch at Inn of the 7th Ray.

bdayandparties_0079Where the kids make kooky glasses

bdayandparties_0083And kookier faces

bdayandparties_0099Then we went the country mart in Malibu to hang out and shop.  And snack.  Here are my burger and fries boys (Jacob is still talking about these fries).

bdayandparties_0150Nex tit was time for ball at the bluffs

bdayandparties_0141Look at that soccer kick!

bdayandparties_0137And looking for dolphins out at sea (or in Mol’s hair):

bdayandparties_0104More looking

bdayandparties_0116And more teasing

bdayandparties_0111Then, that night we had a birthdaybdayandparties_0155 celebration at home with presents and cake, and birthday wishes (which we hope came true!).

Then school ended!  We had a crazy week of playdates and finishing up at school and then Molly and Jacob each wanted to throw a party before all their friends went out of town for the summer on vacations.  So Molly planned and threw a pink tea party.

bdayandparties_0071It was all pink food, and girls in pink dresses and lots and lots of princess play.  Before a princess movie:

bdayandparties_0075Frozen, of course.

Then after a gorgeous Sunday in the Palisades, we came home for Jaocb to throw his party – a Star Wars party.  Here was his menu:

bdayandparties_0009The boys all came over and played

bdayandparties_0010And did “Bubble gum in a dish” to pick teams

bdayandparties_0017And then ate all the food from Jacob’s planning

bdayandparties_0024And got a surprise visit

bdayandparties_0030whom the fought to the death

bdayandparties_0040And then collapsed to watch a movie (Return of the Jedi, Jacob’s favorite).

bdayandparties_0057And then yesterday we went blueberry and strawberry picking with Seamus and Tuva and ate fresh berries warm from the sun and went home with them for a pizza playdate before Jacob and Seamus played each other in tball.  And that about catches us up, which is good, because that’s just in time for Father’s Day – and I have a feeling we will take a few pictures at the car show on Sunday!




Grandma Rose – West Coast Tour ’14

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Spring has arrived, bringing baseball, warmer temperatures, and Grandma Rose’s annual trip west.  The kids had been buzzing about it for weeks, and we were well prepared with lots of puzzle books, Hungarian food and hugs and kisses.  Mom was of course dazzled by how much the kids have grown in a year, and how she could really interact with them like the brilliant and delightful young people that they are.  They regaled her with endless stories and Molly even performed a special advance rendition of her signature song, “My Girl.”

On Saturday it was off to see Jacob’s t-ball game.  Despite the triple digit heat, Grandma Rose and Molly found a nice shady spot to watch the game, and Molly somehow managed to find enough words to share some more stories with her -


Jacob turned in another amazing performance on the field, and then it was back to the house for a spirited and looooooong game of James Bond monopoly.  The kids never seemed to tire of it, and Jacob loved building houses and hotels and collecting massive rents from his elders.


Then it was off to Miceli’s for another of our traditions – the singing waiters serenading Grandma Rose on her birthday.  The fact that one of the waitresses sang “Let It Go” from Frozen was the icing on the cake for Molly.  Back at the house there was more celebrating, and some real icing -


And more kisses.


On Sunday we took Grandma Rose to our weekend house, or as some others allegedly refer to it – The Getty Villa.


Jacob once again proved what a big strong (as well as helpful) boy he is by acting as Grandma’s driver.  Molly was equally helpful directing traffic.


Exploring the wonders of the ancient world -


We loved having you, Mom!  Can’t wait till next year!


In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

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There lived the two cutest and smartest kids ever!  They’re been so funny and charming lately, I can’t stand it.  And cute!  (Really, when you see the baseball and star wars and polo, you’ll see what I mean.)

Mol’s been a talking book lately, and full of the zingers.  Jacob was mad because he’d done something little (can’t remember what – forgotten something at home?) when we were in the car and she sighed heavily, “And who’s fault is that Jacob?  No one but YOU!”  And she talks like she’s reading aloud a novel, “Mom, I was telling Phoebe today, forlornly, that she was hurting my feelings…”  And Jacob talks about what he’s built with his Legos, and chess plays.  I understand neither, but they sound very smart.  Like, really, really smart.  He was trying to get Mol to play chess with him (she and I usually refuse), and he said, “Molly, I promise I will take it easy on you.  I’ll just play – I won’t use any real moves from the chess books.  I won’t even try!”

But here are the cute pics I want to catch up on, before we take another slew this next weekend when Grandma Rose visits!

mayday_0046If we’re being chronological (and why not?) – we start last Saturday with Tball picture day.  Here’s our little slugger.

mayday_0084And the team pic.  After which, Chuck stayed for the game, while Mol & I rushed off to Girl Scouts. Oh, one waiting for the game pic:

mayday_0027I think he likes the hanging out part even better than the playing part.

mayday_0086The troop sponsored a bunny with their cookies sales money.  This bunny, in fact.  And they were happier about it than they look.

mayday_0105That’s better.

So, the next day was a Star Wars birthday party.  Mol was Leia.

maythefourth_0010Yes, she was pretty pleased with herself.

maythefourth_0019Here they are.  But you can’t see Jacob.  So, here:

maythefourth_0008That was him getting ready.  Much better.

MomDay2k14_0033And that catches us up(picture wise – I lamely took zero pictures of the adorableness of the fairy birthday party we went to Saturday) to yesterday – Mother’s Day.  And the Polo Match.  Because that’s our tradition, as Mol says.

MomDay2k14_0017Sunglasses, kombucha drinking, polo watching… just another day in the life of an LA kid.

MomDay2k14_0003Yes, that’s a beer cozy on his wrist.  It’s his “fighting gear.”

MomDay2k14_0031Somehow we have no pictures of the mother in the family on Mother’s day, but since we do have an adorable girl with her handsome Daddy (and I hate pictures of me), I’m not complaining.

Holiday Week With Grandma and Grandpa

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Molly is writing this post with me.  She came up with the title.  She said because the week had two holidays in it – plus Grandma and Grandpa were here.  So I’m let Molly tell you about the week in her own words – and with LOTS of adorable pictures.  Here we go:Spring Break_0298

This is passover night.  Molly was reading the Hagaddah with Daddy.  I tried a bite of all the things on the Seder plate.

Spring Break_0306

Now Jacob is reading the Hagaddah with Daddy.  It is hard for him because it is in Hebrew.  Daddy helped him.

Spring Break_0344Grandpa looked at the shirt and said “Wow.  This is beautiful.”  It was a birthday present that we made.

Spring Break_0315Me and Grandma were reading Operation Bunny.  It is a very funny book because there is a bunny that says “Tickets please” and that is all he can say because Harpella turned him into a pink rabbit.

IMG_1516I was doing my tennis lesson. It was my turn to hit. I am very, very good at tennis.  We play very fun games in tennis.IMG_1519I am running toward the ball and I hit the ball.Tennis is fun.
Spring Break_0208We saw the Endeavour.  It was humungous.  A lady said it was as big as three school busses. It was interesting to learn about the Endeavour.

Spring Break_0220I was reading the signs of all the shuttle trips.  There was one that was really sad.

Spring Break_0260Jacob and Grandpa are looking at a sign and explaining the Endeavour.  They think it is very very cool.Spring Break_0239

They were looking at more signs, explaining some more.  They did that tons.

Spring Break_0266We took a picture near the shirts of shuttles.  The background was the Endeavour.

Spring Break_0291

I liked the wind because it is breezing.  I held to the bars so I didn’t get blown away. It was really funny.

Spring Break_0282

We were watching the lemur movie in 3D.  The mouse lemur is really small but tough.  They were cute.

Spring Break_0274

This was the Science Center, too.  I was sitting down before the movie and wiggling my tooth.  Then I felt it so wiggly I thought it was going to come out that I held my hand over it.  But it didn’t come out till Easter.


We took a picture.  It was near one of my favorite bushes.  I call it a snow plant because it’s white like the snow.

Spring Break_0203We were at my favorite place – the library.  I was reading in the sunshine.

Spring Break_0000

This was the day before Easter.  We were making bunny bread.  I liked to do standing up bunnies because it was easy.

IMG_1550We were also making cinnamon buns for breakfast.It was my turn to spread cinnamon.

Spring Break_0027

Jacob taking a picture before his first game.  He looks like a professional Yankee.  He really did, it’s true.

Spring Break_0085Jacob and Daddy before practicing in the back yard.

IMG_1566Me climbing on the wall.  My favorite thing. My mom doesn’t let me though.

Spring Break_0113

Jacob at his first game!  I am so excited.

Spring Break_0100Jacob squatting down, just about to pitch.

Spring Break_0065

Me pretending to be Tickets the Conductor in Operation Bunny.Spring Break_0145

I saw Medieval Times!  I was reading the menu.

Spring Break_0148Grandma talking to Jacob about the food.  And Jacob telling about the jousting.

Spring Break_0163

Me sniffing the rose my knight gave me.  It was my favorite rose – white.


Us on Easter!


Us on the Easter Egg Hunt!

easter_0039Us counting our eggs.  I had the most.


Me and Jacob looking at the Lego book he got.


Me and Jacob pretending to be bunnies in the bunny ears the Easter Bunny gave us.


Me smiling because I lost my tooth on Easter!  Instead of the Tooth Faerie coming, the Bunny Fairie came!


Yayas, Cookies, Haircuts and more

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So, cold season hits because we waver between 88 during the day and 48 at night (I’m not complaining, but anytime you fluctuate 40 degrees in hours, everyone gets colds).  It’s also girl scout cookie season, baseball tryouts are this weekend, and school is busy, busy, busy.  And we just finished reading book 2 of Harry Potter, so muggles don’t fare well at conversations at our house right now.  And I think, in general terms, that catches you up!  Here are the pictures to get us caught up that way:

yaya visit_0002

Starting with the few (too few, but it was all afterschool visits while we were running around or just hanging out, so I didn’t go picture crazy), from Grandpa and Grandma YaYa’s visit.

yaya visit_0006

No idea what they were saying…

yaya visit_0007We had a big dinner when Caroline was here

yaya visit_0010with cake to celebrate all the February birthdays

yaya visit_0012and lots and lots of story reading

yaya visit_0015I also owe this picture from the ranch – Jacob in the golf cart:

photo(3)And then it was girl scouts!  First a trip to the Fire Station to learn first aid:

photo(4)And then cookie boothing.  First booth ever (ruthless saleswoman, I have)

Cookie Boothing_0000she ran people down in the parking lot, then turned on the charm…

Cookie Boothing_0016And then a smaller fun one with a friend from another troop:

Cookie Boothing_0092After which we went for ice cream and a swing through the bookstore:

Cookie Boothing_0100What else?  Molly is winding down ballet, and wants to start up with tennis next.  So I had to get more shots of her dancing.  I love her dancing!  I’ll really miss it.

Cookie Boothing_0045

Liz is a great teacher.Cookie Boothing_0068

And Molly has blossomed as gracefully as her genes allow…Cookie Boothing_0049

Jacob never met a dog he didn’t like:


Nor Molly a book (it’s grainy, but it looked like an old impressionist painting to me… it was in low light while we were waiting in the lobby for a play to start.

photo(5)Also, Molly learned to ride a bike, with training wheels, but still – it’s her first venture on a wheeled anything and we’re thrilled and proud!


So is she.

photo(1)And finally, Monday we finally got Jacob the haircut he’s been needing.  And it happens that Chuck just got his cut too, so here are my handsome haircut boys.

haircutboysAnd Jacob built that ship all by himself.  The kid is a genius at building anything and everything!


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